On the 7th February 2015, the English Defense League will be coming out in their hordes to rally in Dudley, capitalising on the recent shootings at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris.

A recent post on the EDL event shows that between 50-100 EDL chapters will be in attendance. This is a challenge for UK antifa to rise to. With attacks on Muslims and Jewish People increasing across Europe… Continue reading

West Mids Antifa Collective On Britain First’s Vist To Coventry

After a weekend that saw demonstrations and actions across the country, West Mids Antifa Collective presents a first hand account of the pro-Gaza and anti-Britain First action in Coventry on Friday, and give an insight into the way WMAC operate.

Yesterday was both a success and a failure in many respects. For well over a month, WMAC have been organising against Britain First’s proposed visit to Coventry as part of their UK road show, which has hitherto been unsuccessful and ruined by antifascist action nationwide. We should add, any critical views of particular groups we have organised with come out of a belief in transparency and honesty in Left organising, and while we have those criticisms we also have deep respect for those who joined us in solidarity and helped to promote the event and build numbers, especially the Trades Council and Coventry Friends of Palestine.

After a few hours of online research we stumbled across a photo of party leader Paul Golding and some other sad looking characters standing on the staircase of a Coventry hotel. There was no information given but a Google search of the suite names on a plaque behind them provided the location. We later called the area manager of the hotel chain and expressed our concern, sending over information about their campaigns and mosque ‘invasions’. He informed us that not only was he unaware of their meeting, but as a Muslim himself he found it to be both offensive and disturbing. He assured us they would never be back again. We will keep this hotel anonymous.

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