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Ten Top Radical Grassroots Football Clubs

April 15th: Most football clubs start as grassroots clubs.

Metropolitan Police FC bans Clapton FC supporters from game

December 7th: Yesterday evening, Clapton FC faced Metropolitan Police FC in London Senior Cup.

Anti-Fascist Sports, Autonomen, and PhDs: An Interview with Gabriel Kuhn

March 2nd: Gabriel Kuhn has been writing political books from the late ’90s on topics ranging from women pirates to football and the State.

Book Review: Antifascism, Sports, Sobriety

March 2nd: by Julius Deutsch, edited & translated by Gabriel Kuhn ISBN: 978-1-62963-154-7 PP: 128 Publisher: PM Press £11.99 This book is too short.

Critical thoughts on an international anti-fascist training weekend

February 25th: On February 10th-11th an autonomous gym in Ghent, Belgium hosted a training weekend bringing together participants from autonomous anti-fascist gyms all over Europe.