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London: Far-right bookfair cancelled after local pressure

An event touted as the “bookfair of the right” has been cancelled the morning before it was due to take place, after activists pressed the venue over its hosting of a fascist-filled event on International Holocaust Memorial Day.

The White Eagle Club in Balham, London, was due to host the fascist get-together, which is linked to Britain First and set to be bolstered by a large showing from invited Polish far-right speakers including radio host Piotr Szlachtowicz, a Britain First fan previously exposed by Hope Not Hate. Marcin Rola, previously exposed for his Britain First links at a 2017 incarnation of the bookfair, was also billed.

Wannabe attendees were typically apoplectic about the cancellation, with anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist invitee Tomasz Sommer writing “thus, freedom in Europe ends” before complaining that “this is the religion of the Holocaust in action”.

In a celebratory note, organisers of a planned protest at the venue for tomorrow from 10.30am noted that this has now been modified: “Thanks to public pressure the fascist bookfair was CANCELLED. Instead people will be leafleting Balham tube with leaflets advertising events around International Holocaust Memorial Day.”

At least one planned speaker was stopped at the airport while attempting to travbel to the event.

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