It’s all right to do nothing

September 24th: Yesterday: after college, (I attend two hours a week), I sat and did nothing.

Activism at the grassroots: Essex

September 22nd: In an age of rampant neoliberalism, society is ever more fractured and polarised.

Why is the Greek state attacking Exarcheia?

September 14th: The Greek state’s long anticipated attack on the rebellious district of Exarcheia began with the eviction of four occupied spaces and a provocative and dangerous attack on the social centre K*Vox.

AF: Back the Earth Strike!

September 4th: In the following statement, the Anarchist Federation calls to mobilise in support of Earth Strike, a global general strike call in support of the climate set for September 20th which has drawn support from hundreds of organisations.

Johnson Prorogues Parliament: A Very British Coup?

September 3rd: Johnson has prorogued parliament, stripping parliamentary oversight at a key moment in order to force through his damaging no-deal Brexit plan.

Work until you die

August 23rd: A report by the Centre for Social Justice has proposed raising the pension age to 70 by 2028 and 75 by 2035: Tory’s plan to raise the state pension age to 75 over the next 16 years.

Review: Anarchist Perspectives in Peace and War, 1900-1918

August 6th: Anarcho reviews the first of a series of four books which aim to outline the range and nature of libertarian organisations and views in the twentieth century.

Class War’s Poor Doors Victory – An Insider’s View

July 24th: In July 2014 a number of people from Class War had gathered in South Norwood for the opening of the Sensible Garden, a strip of unused land reclaimed by the South Norwood Tourist Board for the community.

No housemate is a problem

July 21st: More and more people flock to affluent urban centres with highly competitive housing markets, which make finding accommodations a real struggle.

Sorry Officer, I really could not say

July 14th: A lot of the time over the last couple of years of discussing gender regulation and self ID I’ve been having a rhetorical move pulled on me which I’m going to pick apart.