13/12: Don’t mourn, organise.

December 13th: As we celebrate our ACAB day, let us disempower, disarm and disband the police and dare to dream of a world without cops.

13/12: A brief ABC of ACAB

December 12th: Regardless of who is voted in, two aspects of the social order will remain almost unnoticed, untouched and untroubled by a change of colour in the ties of our rulers.

Five things that could happen to make election night interesting

December 12th: There will be anarchists that avoid the election and anarchists who soak it all up.

Why I went to Germany to shut down coal mining operations in the midst of one of the most important general elections of a generation

December 11th: I have consistently gone to every single Ende Gelände action in Germany.

Fracking Moratorium or Electioneering? December 12th and Brexit May Hold The Key

December 10th: Fracking Moratorium or Electioneering?

“The human cost is actual”: Carl Cattermole on the London Bridge attack

December 6th: I witnessed the attack at London Bridge last Friday.

Review: Squatting ain’t dead, it just smells funny

December 4th: Vasudevan’s radical history of squatting looks at self-help housing in a half-dozen European and North American locations across the post-war globe, yet can really only manage to sketch out the historical differences and geographical peculiarities between them.

No pedlars at our fundraiser: A sketch on charity and exclusion

November 30th: One of the big problems with how institutional charity has replaced human solidarity towards the homeless is that it frequently excludes people actually needing help from the conversation – a phenomenon which was brought home yesterday to Freedom Press author Andrew Fraser.

Tories angered by 130k austerity death claim. How many is it then?

November 23rd: This week the Tory lie machine has been working overdrive.

The eviction of New Hope anti-fracking camp shows the blurry line between policing and private security

November 19th: In case you missed it: early this morning, a mob of dog-wielding bailiffs stormed the Camp of New Hope at Preston New Road, evicting frontline anti-fracking activists from what, for some, had been their home for 3 years.