Doing our duty by the lawyers

April 19th: Recently we’ve had a bout of whinging on Twittergram about our advice to not use the Duty Solicitor at the police station.

No Fixed Abode Travellers Collective Resisting Anti-Trespass

April 13th: Statement from nfATs ...

Stay at Home! The Violence of Eviction

April 9th: Joe Reynolds’ words and photographs tell a squatter’s tale on the violence of eviction, using ghosts, dogs, legal battles, health problems and chaos to explain a story that cannot be whispered.

In the wake of police violence we must say, abolish the police!

April 4th: Spring is here!

On the necessity of activist legal support in the wake of police repression

March 24th: Like the Black Lives Matter protests of last year, the wave of protests against the Policing Crimes and Sentencing Bill have been met by police repression.

The political policing of Cressida Dick

March 14th: After the events of the last few days, there are calls for the resignations of the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, and the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

8 accused of burning a police van in Barcelona

March 13th: On the 27th of February, 8 of our comrades were arrested during a demonstration in the centre of Barcelona.

Racism and Hate at the Heart of England’s Poetry

March 9th: CW: racist and classist language.

International anarchist statement on the centenary of the 1921 Kronstadt Uprising

March 7th: Today marks the 100th annviersary of the beginning of the Kronstadt uprising.

Our alternative to Putin is the abolition of the presidency: a statement from Autonomous Action

February 26th: Mass protests in early 2021 show that the authoritarian regime of Putin and his billionaire friends is no longer agreeable with a significant part of Russian society.