Corbyn does not deserve our solidarity

October 31st: When Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, a broad section of leftists saw an opportunity to shift British politics away from neoliberalism.

The right-wing wants terror: statement from Rozbrat squat on the protests in Poland

October 30th: During the Women’s Strike demonstrations taking place this Wednesday across Poland, organized groups of men attacked mostly women protesters in several cities.

Against anarcho-smugness

October 30th: As Corbyn’s suspension from the Labour Party occasions yet another wave of anarcho-smugness, Anna K.

The Complicity of Silence

October 24th: The surreal circus of the arrest of Julian Assange is a show trial for investigative journalism across the world.

Between the Covid spikes, the dark conservatism of Boris Johnson develops

October 22nd: Between the first two spikes of the Covid 19 pandemic, Boris Johnson’s true colours have started to appear.

The Soul of the LGBTQ Movement is not Sponsored by Barclays, this Rotting Corpse Is

October 21st: Twenty-seven years ago, Barbara Smith asked “​Where’s the Revolution?​”.

Mainly cis gender world I inhabit: how is it to be non-binary and pregnant

October 8th: Recently I can’t stop thinking about this theory proposed by people concerned with what gets called sex-based gender that there are certain experiences that confirm womanhood: amongst others periods and pregnancy.

An anarchist & trade-unionist critique of education

October 4th: This essay is an attempt to further elucidate and elaborate on a previous article written about the British Eurocentric education curriculum.

A death in custody only matters when it’s a cop

September 25th: This article discusses racist police violence and deaths in custody.

Europe is stained by the ashes of Moria refugee camp

September 10th: Yesterday morning we awoke to the news that Europe’s largest refugee camp burnt to the ground overnight.