A world in waiting

March 25th: “…the weakening of the state, the progressive development of its imperfections, is a social necessity.

Tommy Robinson’s rally showed one thing: He doesn’t care about free speech

February 24th: When two thousand people turned out yesterday to support the far-right media personality’s big show against a State/BBC conspiracy to destroy him he talked about his wedding, his campaign against muslims and much more – but actual threats to free speech?

The day I slept in a puddle on Old Compton Street

February 14th: Continuing on from the memories charted in his book Invisible: A Diary of Rough Sleeping in Britain, Andrew Fraser writes a personal note on the lengths people will sometimes go to in tormenting the homeless.

Manchester homeless open letter to Andy Burnham: ‘You’re setting us up to fail’

February 12th: Having very efficiently attacked political squatting in the early days of its tenure in 2017-18, Andy Burnham’s administration is currently in the process of fulfilling his “ending rough sleeping” pledge by potentially banning it in the city centre — and offering unsuitable accommodation.

IWA: Solidarity with Yellow Vests, for a general strike

February 3rd: The anarcho-syndicalist international has published a public call backing a general strike and supporting a statement on the Yellow Vest movement written by its French section, CNT-AIT.

Reflections on the Yiddish Anarchist Movement

January 30th: Following the YIVO conference on Yiddish anarchism which took place on January 20th in New York (video here), Raymond S Solomon puts it in context with an earlier work — 1980 documentary Free Voice of Labor.

Winter Editorial: Persuasive Pessimism

January 10th: It is a truism to say that we live in interesting and scary times.

Silent givers: How the government manipulates charity

December 18th: A recent furore in Scotland has focused on the Foreign Office playing piggy bank to a small ‘anti-fake news’ charity, but State policy is continually puppeteering NGOs in far grander and more insidious ways — and it has recently gotten considerably worse.

Don’t abandon your Yellow Jackets

November 23rd: The name sounds a bit like something to do with a lifeguard’s alliance, but this movement’s name (gilets jaune) comes from their high vis jackets, something that all drivers are legally required to carry in their car in France.

Police Surveillance – a Note for Extinction Rebellion Campaigners

November 21st: Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) co-ordinator Kevin Blowe breaks down likely tactics police will be using to disrupt the activities of climate action group Extinction Rebellion and why extreme caution should be used when dealing with the force.