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Anarchist on a talk show

April 18th: Peter Seyferth reports on his experience combating "horseshoe theory" on the German talk show 13 Fragen (“13 questions”).

A letter to my centrist aunt

April 7th: I want to explain my anger in our recent debates.

I don’t care if a royal has cancer

March 27th: We care so much about suffering celebrities, those who get our mandated sympathy precisely because we're not supposed to care about each other.

Making bisexuality a crisis

March 24th: Liberation is what we make of it.

Some thoughts on International Women’s Day

March 8th: Speaking truth to the power of the patriarchy is unimaginably difficult, even as I live a life of relative privilege and comfort.

Dear property guardians …

March 3rd: Print out and post.

CALL-OUT: Let us know about the policing of Palestine solidarity protests

February 27th: Freedom republished NetPol's callout in the last few days of responding - by 29 February 2024

Abahlali baseMjondolo on the ICJ

January 18th: We do not see the importance of this case as being restricted to proving to the ICJ that the Israeli state is committing genocide.

Palestine Action’s statement on London Stock Exchange arrests

January 16th: The arrests came after an undercover journalist, Max Parry, from the Daily Express infiltrated the group and reported the activists to the police.

Dispute within Max Planck Society over ties to Israel

December 17th: A statement from a collective of academics in solidarity with Palestine from The Max Planck Society: