The Association of Gerontocrats who Steal the Future

January 18th: The effect of the Kazakhstan protests is such that an authoritarian zone has emerged under the governance of old men who are not afraid to soil their hands with blood.

For whom the Bill Tolls: What’s occurring with Kill the Bill?

January 16th: Has the Kill the Bill campaign come roaring back to life?

Cypriots under Turkey’s oppression for decades

January 14th: The Turkish Cypriots have been protesting against Ankara over the past decade and the tensions between Ankara and Nicosia have increased due to the influx of settlers and Turkey’s policies towards northern Cyprus.

British Politics and Anarchism in 2022

January 11th: I’ve been thinking recently about the various themes that I’ve written about since starting this regular column for Freedom in 2016.

Moving statues and perverse verdicts

January 6th: The Colston Statue puller-downers have been acquitted.

Solidarity of the rich

January 3rd: Jon Bigger considers the actions of those who preach individual strength, but practice a very particular, and extraordinarily successful, form of mutual support.

The thing about Downing Street parties …

December 13th: Hey look, there’s a story that Boris and the Cabinet are corrupt!

Insulate Britain: Prisoners raising public awareness of immediate action required to combat climate crisis

December 11th: So far, the hunger strikers of Insulate Britain (IB) have been swept under carpetby the UK press; in fact, getting more favourable coverage in Europe.

We need to stop Boris Johnson before it is too late

December 2nd: Boris Johnson is the most dangerous prime minister I’ve suffered.

How Andy Ngô and sections of the left teamed up to successfully work for the Home Office

November 27th: Security culture Bad security culture can be tedious; often we only keep information from each other, not the cops.