On defunding and refunding: covid vs. counter-terrorism

July 8th: A history of trading protection for persecution.

‘Independence Day’ – the U.K.’s own Horror Story

July 4th: The so-called “Independence Day” U.K.

Keir Starmer isn’t a sellout.

July 1st: It may be an odd headline for an anarchist to write about a Labour leader, but hear me out.

Urban environment and racial segregation

June 28th: The current protests led by the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA have brought forward worldwide the problem of racism, with a strength and clarity that has made it impossible for most of us to ignore the racial issues that are still present in most countries and communities around the world.

Care Homes, England’s Culling Fields 

June 18th: Conservative government policy on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was summarised by Johnson’s adviser Dominic Cummings as “herd immunity, protect the economy, and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.” (Source: senior member of the Tory party present at the above meeting).

We need to talk about a particular type of white leftist man

June 12th: Ok, so I want to talk about a particular type of white guy.

America, Empire and Us: The Benefits of International Solidarity

June 9th: Solidarity demonstrations and support for the uprising in America and the Black Lives Matter movement are spreading around the world.

Black Lives Matter does not stop at your fingertips, it is a lifelong commitment.

June 8th: When you finish reading this whether it is on a phone or laptop, once you close or lock the device you must realise the fight does not stop at your fingertips.

The enemy is racism. The enemy is the police. The enemy is capitalism.

June 6th: I wanted to talk about the oppression of black people, the racism I have faced here but I realize the narrative is already out there if you have been listening

Let’s Get Rooted – For a New Working Class Strategy!

June 1st: The following statement was originally posted on the Let’s Get Rooted blog on 25.05.20 Dear friends, Over recent weeks Croydon Solidarity, AngryWorkers and other comrades have started a debate about how to intensify our collaboration and make it open for others (1).