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Remembering Wat Tyler: Stakes are head high

June 15th: Standing up against rape, murder and repression remains at the heart of our acts of resistance

Nothing is over

June 11th: Prison becomes inevitable for anyone who decides to follow certain practices, but to see us exclusively as "prisoners" would be to annihilate us politically, which is exactly what power wants

Sunak’s electioneering train-wreck

June 10th: The campaign has gone so badly, there are rumours Sunak might not even be prime minister when polling day arrives.

The colonial breach and the colonial bind

June 6th: The ruse of international law has no means of ending the killing—Western states are supporting Israel to reassert their colonial agency From Interregnum Whatever the contentions on the term we use to express the scale and method of killing we are witnessing in Gaza, the description at the International Court of Justice as a ‘live-streamed

1,800 days on either side

June 3rd: As we barrel out way towards a general election, Freedom maintains its longstanding position: vote if you like, it's what we do between elections that mattters

Deceleration: Notes on anarchism and degrowth

May 27th: Capital is tearing at its seams and new insurrectional and revolutionary waves are emerging; it is now that anarchism can find a powerful ally in certain sectors of degrowth

A person with hypersomnia sleeps contentedly on a bed.

Where are the crip Utopias?

May 20th: Crips are excluded on the sole basis that they cannot conform to the ableist ideal of an activist

Notes from the US: A matter of life and death

May 18th: From the assault on Gaza genocide protests to racist and ecocidal policies - elites have proven they will never affirm life and peace against death and destruction

Norwich disability protest outside St Marys House, July 2016

Disability cuts: Work isn’t the pull Sunak thinks it is

May 10th: The recent welfare reform plans announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have landed badly, and rightly so.

Iraq: Hard truths about truth-telling

May 9th: "Accidental anarchist" Carne Ross reflects on blowing the whistle on the Iraq War, 20 years on.