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Police invade Kurdish Assembly

November 27th: This invasion by the Metropolitan Police comes only two days after UK defence minister Grant Shapps and Turkish counterpart Yaşar Güler held a meeting agreeing to "enhance" defence and security cooperation.

Barcelona: La Ruïna and el Kubo will not die

November 25th: See you on November 30 at 5:30 a.m.

Confronting DSEI needs a long strategy

November 19th: Emily Apple writes on resistance to the bi-annual arms dealing circus and where the movement against it can go next.

Notes from the US: “MAGA Is Ascendant”

November 16th: Reason is missing.

The right discards its free speech fig leaf

November 4th: The political classes’ consensus is that the left has a problem with Palestine – but panic and the urge to repress is not coming from that quarter.

A lot of despair right now: Interview with an Israeli anarchist

October 22nd: It is clear that when we come out of this, and there are elections, the Far Right will be done with.

Next steps in civil resistance

October 20th: Industrial capitalism is the target and climate the context.

Notes from the US: Fascist cultism

October 14th: This month, we examine how this elevation of selfishness and lack of compassion and empathy have reached the stage that it has.

Stand in solidarity against Turkish war crimes in Syria

October 9th: Take the war back to those responsible profiteers, companies and governments! 

The grifterverse and Russell Brand

September 19th: Why did so many hard-right celebs rush to support a supposedly left-leaning conspiracy-monger while the left itself has not?