Legal: People are being criminalised for coronavirus offences that don’t exist.

April 3rd: Delirious with fevers and newly extended powers, British cops are well and truly out of control.

Coronavirus: Rough sleepers must be protected, not made into pariahs

March 20th: If the homeless are not provided a means to self-isolate or stay clean they are at the highest of risks — this must be the end of the road for government inaction, writes Andrew Fraser.

Living in the cracks: How housing has fallen into crisis

February 26th: The causes of the housing crisis are, in a nutshell, the unchecked power of landlords, the 40-year attack on social housing and stagnant wages.

What’s wrong with Woman’s Place UK?

February 19th: There have been few more bitter struggles on the left in recent years than the conflict between those who support trans inclusion and those who style themselves as Gender Critical and refuse to accept that trans people should be socially or legally treated as their aquired gender.

Britannia chained: The assault on our rights has begun

February 6th: This week has seen a raft of draconian law & order policies floated by the government and police representatives.

Book Review: The Government of No-one

February 5th: “This is a book devoted to ideas, rather than a history …

Disturbing alliances: The Christian right’s long march

January 11th: It has been more than two decades since Allan Carlson, a former member of the National Commission on Children during the Reagan administration, first met Russian scholars Anatoly Antonov and Victor Medkov.

Assessing the far right in Johnson’s Britian

January 7th: A few months ago, well before any election was on the horizon, we wrote an article for Freedom laying out some post election scenarios and anticipating what that would mean for the far right and it’s ability to organise.

“All we have is each other”: Working class solidarity in the face of a Tory future

January 4th: D.

Left musical wave defies the far-right and Brexit

December 30th: Having worked around the music industry for many years, mainly as an organiser of benefit gigs and now running an online platform, I can say that artists are rightly fearful about what may soon occur.