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Toby Shone and the spectre of ‘anarchist terror’

May 9th: Having failed last year to show its much heralded “anti-terror” raids against anarchists in 2020 were justified, the State last week lost a second bid to silence their main target, Toby Shone.

UK Elections 2022

May 3rd: Jon Bigger rounds up the local electoral drama and the jamboree’s implications for the various political factions.

Why has Julian Assange lost in the High Court, where Lauri Love won, and what could this mean for Journalism?

April 25th: This article is not about Julian Assange as a person, nor about his political or social attitudes, nor previous criminal allegations.

Beer punks and anarchist cafes: politics for profit

April 21st: Many could be forgiven for thinking it was a belated April Fools prank when, at the beginning of the month, Freedom Press released a statement reading that close to their premises in Whitechapel and out with their knowledge, the colossal Hilton hotel group had opened an upmarket cocktail bar bearing the name ‘Freedom Café’.

People, Prisons & Profit: Contemporary Abolition in the UK

March 25th: When discussing matters of inequality and oppression, particularly through a radical framework, there always awaits a countering opinion that deep-rooted systemic issues such as the prison industrial complex are somehow uniquely American; the implication being that Britain, a nation regarded for its pragmatism, has nowhere near such issues and thus does not need to concern

Mali’s Expulsion of France

February 18th: The Republic of Mali’s recent expulsion of French diplomatic agents will come as a huge blow to Françafrique – France’s decades-long aspiration to cement its postcolonial influence over its former West African colonies.

Make Anarchism Great Again

February 4th: “If we succeed in clearing the soil from the rubbish of the past and present, we will leave to posterity the greatest and safest heritage of all ages.”

Lessons of the Covid mutual aid projects

December 19th: In the early days of the pandemic, Freedom put out a call to found mutual aid groups for helping people struggling under lockdown, which went spectacularly viral.

Priti Fascist: Another civil liberties crackdown announced

October 7th: Another Tory party conference, another round of law ‘n’ order announcements.

A consideration of Freedom Day, and personal responsibility

July 19th: There’s an old cliche that you never know who your true friends are until something goes wrong, and that’s certainly been true enough over the course of the pandemic.