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EU election: Extreme right is no longer out in the cold

June 11th: News stories focus on dramatic little swings, but a much bigger, slower development is at stake

South African elections: Long road to nowhere?

June 5th: Record-low turnout shows loss of faith in the ANC party-state, but popular power has yet to fill the gap

“Technocrat” or far-right spymaster?

May 31st: Netherlands: New prime minister Dick Schoof is former intelligence chief who illegally spied on citizens and remains vague about democracy's red lines

Chip production in the multi-crisis

May 30th: With its massive ecological footprint, the semiconductor industry has been the material foundation for the IT assault - and now drives economic war between the US and China

Blocking the Internet during revolt: Kanaky and the suburbs as laboratories

May 29th: A method once reserved for authoritarian regimes or periods of war is now being implemented by the French government in New Caledonia

Fourteen years of suffering

May 28th: As this Tory government comes to an end, it should be remembered for the torment it has caused.

Italy: Strategic resistance to the arms industry

May 24th: With exports up 86%, disarming companies like Leonardo and Fincantieri gains global importance From Umanità Nova The growing rearmament of the countries of the European continent is now evident even to the average citizen.

The triumph of beige

May 13th: A social-liberal tinge on a green nationalism, the new normal is a mixture of centrist and fascist politics for a scared state in crisis.

Norwich disability protest outside St Marys House, July 2016

Disability cuts: Work isn’t the pull Sunak thinks it is

May 10th: The recent welfare reform plans announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have landed badly, and rightly so.

burning forest image

Ahead of another summer of climate disasters, let’s talk about real solutions

May 8th: In cooperation with CrimethInc., we present a short text from Peter Gelderloos exploring why the strategies that mainstream environmental movements are currently employing to halt industrially-produced climate change are failing—and what we could be doing instead.