An illustrated history of the birth of the Metropolitan Police

June 4th: The brutal murder of George Floyd has once again forced police violence and racism into the public spotlight.

From Minneapolis to London: who polices the police?

May 30th: Many of us have been following recent events in Minneapolis where a community is resisting police terror following the murder of George Floyd, with outpourings of solidarity from across the world.

Schools Out! Make it Happen.

May 26th: Primary schools across England have been instructed to open their reception, year One and year Six classes on June 1st — the number of voices raised against this criminally insane plan is building among parents and teachers alike.

Beet & Two Veg: Grow Your Own Emancipation

May 22nd: Looking at some of the mainstream vegan publications and some of the more high profile social media superstars, you would be forgiven for thinking that veganism was a trend invented by wealthy white hipsters in the noughties which is all about weight loss, quinoa and Faux Foie Gras.

In the age of Corona anti-fascists need factual analysis, not meme research

May 16th: By now most people will have seen, and probably participated in, the outrage at the anti-lockdown ‘mass gatherings’ that are set to have taken place today in 8 towns and cities across England.

Lessons from COVID-19: How transformative justice and mutual aid can help to address harm in communities

May 12th: This article was originally published on the Transforming Society blog.

Coronavirus and your right to stay away from work

May 10th: On Sunday evening, Boris Johnson declared that it was time for the people of England to get back to work.

Wartime economics and post-pandemic battles

May 10th: The relentless recourse to the language of war to describe the public health emergency seems to signal a shift in mainstream economic debate.

Contribute to the Mayday Rooms Pandemic Notes Archive

May 2nd: “We need to create the place we’ll meet again.

Food, poverty, mutual aid: Reflections from Birmingham solidarity kitchen

April 27th: According to a recent report by The Food Foundation, 1.5 million people have reported going an entire day without food due to poverty during the coronavirus crisis.