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Antifascism, football and skinheads- Interview with ex-member of RASH NYC

June 27th: This is an interview that originally appeared in Polish in issue #1 of antifascist magazine Alerta, and recently it was translated to English by 161 Crew.

Interview with a Finnish anarchist

May 20th: Yavor Tarinski of Greek libertarian journal Aftoleksi interviews Antti Rautiainen, from Finnish antiauthoritarian group A-ryhmä, on the latest developments in Finland as it applies for Nato membership.

Interview: Operation Solidarity in Ukraine

March 29th: This article sees the 161 Crew talking to one of the founders of the Ukrainian anarchist initiative about their project, the global solidarity response from libertarians and operating in a complex warzone.

Interview with the Coordination of Metal Workers (CTM) of Cádiz

January 5th: At the end of last year metalworkers in the southern Spanish port city went on an immense nine-day pay strike as inflation bit into the value of wages, before being brutally let down by union leaderships.

“The police are like a mafia”: A Thai radical worker interview

September 4th: A new radical working class faction has emerged in the past month amid the Thai democracy movement.

A Gun Without a Culture? An interview with Nabil Al-Raee

March 12th: In the crypt of a church built into the face of a cliff, I wait to meet the action director of the Palestinian Freedom Theatre, Nabil Al-Raee.

Reasonability is not a reproduction of universal laws declared from above: A conversation with Kilian Jörg

March 10th: The end of February marks a year since the WHO warned the national governments, saying that COVID-19 is “literally knocking at the door” and that they might choose to activate pre-prepared “pandemic plans”.

A brick wall in Bristol. On the wall is some graffiti rendered in black spray paint: "In the US, in the UK, the police are racist everywhere: George Floyd RIP. Mark Duggan. Trevor Smith. Mike Brown"

Justice nowhere: Introducing Bristol Copwatch

March 1st: Freedom’s resident cop-botherer, Carl Spender, sits down with John and Kat from Bristol Copwatch to discuss the group’s first year of existence and the painstaking work of building a grassroots police monitoring project.

Anti-fascism and Migrant Solidarity: Interview with Channel Rescue

February 7th: Last week, a fire broke out at Napier Barracks in Folkestone.

Interview with the team behind

January 22nd: We have to work most of our lives.