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Some thoughts on International Women’s Day

March 8th: Speaking truth to the power of the patriarchy is unimaginably difficult, even as I live a life of relative privilege and comfort.

X isn’t an airport, but we’re announcing our departure 

December 4th: Over the last couple of months, Freedom News decided to start cutting down involvement with Twitter/X, which has until now been our biggest social media account

Happy Yule Celebration

December 25th:

Communique from R-AT: Central School of Trespass

November 1st: A broad coalition of squatters, anarchists and activists gathered at the newly occupied School of Trespass in Farringdon, North London, on the weekend of 16th/17th October to protest against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that is currently passing through the House of Lords

A note on Facebook’s crackdown against US anarchist groups

August 20th: As of yesterday a number of US sites have had their social media presences scrubbed by the Nasdaq giant on a flimsy pretext that they are promoting violence — it’s another reminder of our vulnerabilities online.

Governments always overestimate what people will tolerate

December 14th: From Chile to Hong Kong, through Catalonia to France — it has been kicking off everywhere.

Winter Editorial: Persuasive Pessimism

January 10th: It is a truism to say that we live in interesting and scary times.

The dream of ’68 is needed today

May 29th: This month is the 50th anniversary since the events of Paris 1968 — and the ambition of those nights of cobblestone, barricade and teargas is something we must rediscover.

Polish Government’s War on Women

November 26th: October 2016 saw the largest strike by women in Polish history.

Freedom Collective Statement on the London Anarchist Bookfair

November 21st: Regarding the announcement by the London Bookfair collective that, following events at this year’s gathering, they will not be organising another one in 2018, the Freedom Collective has drafted the following statement: The Freedom Collective condemns the actions of trans exclusionary radical feminist (Terf) activists at the London Anarchist Bookfair 2017.