Through the noise of modern life, Chicago’s Martyrs still sing

Today is May 1st, International Workers’ Day. It’s a curious affair for modern anarchists, as we memorialise the Haymarket Affair of 1886 which kicked it all off but we are surrounded by a constant corporate shrieking. “Looking to get away for the summer?” “Buy this and make life complete!” “Is your beach bod ready?”

The cacophony makes it hard to be heard, to remember, to tell vital stories. A… Continue reading

Editorial: British anarchism in 2016

It’s hard to know where to start when writing an editorial about 2016. So much has happened in British politics that a summary piece could easily end up being just a list of uncommon events, from the rise of Corbynism and its impact on the libertarian left, to Brexit, the collapse of the Tory consensus and the quiet grind forward of the Pitchford Spy Cops inquiry. Hillsborough, Iraq and many… Continue reading

The current crisis and the rise of the Corbyn dogma

Corbyn looking sad about war at a no more war rally

A few days ago Freedom published an article called, “The End of Dogma #keepcorbyn as a Transitional Demand.” In it an occasional Freedom contributor argued for support of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as he faces a coup organised by right wing Labour MPs, Blairite think tanks and most of the soft left media. It has inevitably… Continue reading

Do you have to give the cops your Name and Address?

Coppers possibly getting this old lady to give her name and details

This has become very complicated and is causing much confusion. Here’s the position as we see it. You do not have to give your name and address unless under a specific legal obligation (Rice v Connolly 1966). Refusal to give your name and address cannot amount to obstructing the police in the course of their duty under s89(2)… Continue reading

Penny Mordaunt vs The FBU

On Sunday the boss’ tabloids were all over the same story. The Mail On Sunday even ran it on the front page. Apparently Tory minister Penny Mordaunt wasted parliamentary time and everyone’s taxes by giving a bogus speech for the sole purpose of saying the word ‘cock’ a few times. This to win a bet with her officer chums in the royal navy (she is a reservist). The fact that this contemptible piece of ruling class slime is happy to flaunt her privilege, by turning our excuse for democracy into a sideshow for her chinless mates, does not come as a surprise.

However Ms Mordaunt found herself in far deeper water last week for reasons that the mainstream media would rather not report. But we are happy to.

In her role as ‘Fire Minister’ she has presided over the destruction of Fire Fighters pensions and cuts to the service that have seen both its employees and the public put a t risk. In numerical terms that is 5,000 jobs lost and 40 fire stations closed since 2010. Unsurprisingly, she is hated by the rank & file of the Fire and Rescue service. So positive coverage for her in this role is hard to come by. Her spin-doctors probably thought that opening a brand new £4million fire station in South London was safe bet? Not so.

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 Tim Forster on the use of “God” to create false concepts of community cohesion


Over the last few years we’ve had a Royal Wedding, the Queen’s Jubilee and this year we’re remembering 100 years since the start of WWI. All these occasions are expressions of, and vehicles for, something that sociologists call ‘civil religion’.

National civil religions are concerned primarily with creating a sense of national identity and… Continue reading


 Gyorgy Furiosa visits Hampstead’s infamous Bishops Avenue…

Nestled between two golf courses in the Hampstead area of North London lies a row of colonnaded mansion houses, each looming from behind stern borders of black iron fencing. Lush vegetation, old trees and rhododendron bushes, subtly screen the opulence from full view of the street. Estate agents advertise them for sale with features such as a car lift, indoor pool and… Continue reading