10,000 march in Thessaloniki after police siege of university

Campaigners against a new government law allowing police to attack university grounds had been occupying the Aristotle University’s Rector’s Office, until a dawn raid yesterday. On Thursday morning the Greek police assaulted the cops off campus occupation, which had been running for 18 days as part of escalating action against the New Democracy Party’s attempt

Ego te provoco: Thanatopolitics as new governance in Greece

On a warm day in September 2002, a freshly shaved man appeared in Athens General Police Headquarters. He was wearing a black t-shirt writing in bad English syntax ‘Charmy Hellas Greece’. He walked slowly to the guard and he announced: “Good afternoon, my name is Dimitris Koufontinas and I would like to surrender myself.” This

Greek Horror:
 How an Epstein level paedophile scandal could connect to the first time in Greek history that a political prisoner dies of hunger strike

CW: mentions of child sexual abuse. Two parallel stories are escalating in the Greek news these days.
 Both are of historical significance, but with very different volume of coverage.
 They are stories of two very different men, who share no resemblance but their first name.
 The men are Dimitris Lignadis and Dimitris Koufontinas, 
and their

Greece: call for solidarity with eight persecuted students

Eight Athenian students are facing charges, including “forming of a criminal organisation” in an apparently bogus case brought forward by the Greek state. The eight are active nd well known in the anarchist movement in Greece. Among other projects, they are also involved in the Self-organised Students’ Centre at the University of Economics and Business

Greece marks 12th anniversary of Alexis Grigoropoulos murder

This year’s 6th of December marked 12 years since the cold-blooded murder by the Greek police of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos in the neighbourhood of Exarcheia. A long period of time in which justice hasn’t been served, to say the least. Even worst, last year the cynicism of the authorities reached to an unseen level –

Greece: state suppresses demonstrations in memory of 1973 Polytechnic Uprising

This year the anniversary of the 1973 uprising at the Polytechnic University in Athens, which the junta of the colonels drowned in blood by sending tanks to suppress it, is more topical than ever before. This is because the right-wing New Democracy (ND) government has made yet another effort to put an end to this

Greece: Golden Dawn trial ends with guilty verdict

CW: descriptions of murder, violence, racism and racist violence. The heavily guarded Court of Appeals of Athens delivered the verdicts today in a five-year-long Golden Dawn trial. Thousands gathered in an antifascist rally outside of the court this morning to await the ruling. The trial, widely covered in Greek media, was dubbed “great trial” and

Greece: Terra Incognita evicted

After a 16-year run the squatted centre just off Agora Square in the port city of Thessaloniki was cleared out in an early-morning raid. The site hosted a cafe, bookshop, gym and printing facilities, making it an important central stopping point in the city. In a statement the group noted: At around 5 am, the

Greece: dictatorship-era anti-protest law triggers large demonstrations

Thousands of people protested in Greece yesterday in response to the new law giving the police new powers to regulate protests. The protests in Athens and Thessaloniki turned violent, with police, as per tradition, using teargas to contain it. The protesters responded with molotov cocktails. In Athens, the cops detained 15 people, of which 9