Your guide to 2017 anarchist bookfairs in the British Isles

Every year the anarchist movement has its biggest get-together at the London Anarchist Bookfair at the end of October. But there’s a lot of similar events going on between now and then, and we’ve done a roundup below so you’re never short of a book or two.

April 29th: Cambridge Radical Bookfair Venue: Portland Arms, 129 Chesterton Road, CB4 3BA 1pm-5pm

Stalls from the likes of East… Continue reading

Anarchist ‘Bookfair’ Plot

Undercover report from the anarchist bookfair

Thousands of Anarchists have descended on Queen Mary College in the East End of London in a first step to ridding the planet of Capitalism and establishing a global environmentally sustainable community based on freedom and cooperation.

Under the guise of a ‘bookfair’, the plotters are working on plans to overthrow the state and emancipate the people of the world through the mechanism of… Continue reading

Bone Gets Peace Prize

Veteran peacenik and leading pointyhead thinker Ian Bone has received the Anarchist Peace Prize.

At a special ceremony in the secret underground headquarters beneath Queen Mary College, where the Anarchist Bookfair is held, comrades from all sections of the movement gathered to praise the one anarchist who has constantly refrained from infighting and sectarianism.

The award reflects a lifetime of unstinting effort to end pointless bickering within the movement. “I’ve… Continue reading