The right-wing wants terror: statement from Rozbrat squat on the protests in Poland

October 30th: During the Women’s Strike demonstrations taking place this Wednesday across Poland, organized groups of men attacked mostly women protesters in several cities.

What the hell is happening in Poland? 

October 27th: I’m assuming you all already know that a massive protest movement took over Poland since last Thursday when the country’s constitutional tribunal ruled that abortion carried out when the foetus is malformed is against the constitution.

Spain: CNT takes on farm exploitation in Andalusia

October 26th: Covid has presented particular problems for seasonal farm workers this year, and CNT Adra is planning to fight back.

Nigeria’s #EndSARS protests

October 23rd: As social movements continue around the world to end the impunity that police forces have, the African continent has seen their biggest movement within the country of Nigeria with the #EndSARS protests.

Notes from the US

October 15th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Thailand: A challenge to dictator and king

October 12th: Pressure and factionalism among the elites is high, but can the massive protests pushing for change go further than liberal demands which leave out the working classes?

Greece: Golden Dawn trial ends with guilty verdict

October 7th: CW: descriptions of murder, violence, racism and racist violence.

Ten years illegal: Actions against the Dutch ban on squatting

October 5th: This year, October 1st marks the ten year anniversary of the Squatting Ban coming into effect in the Netherlands.

France: Cops spend their nights stopping migrants from sleeping

September 30th: For the last few days officers have been showing up at camps along Paris’ Saint-Denis canal in the evening to prevent migrants from settling for the night, in an escalation of bully tactics.

Azerbaijan: anarchist detained for making anti-militarist statements

September 29th: Azerbaijani anarchist Giyas Ibrahimov was detained by security services for alleged anti-war statements yesterday.