Germany: Media firms hand unpublished G20 riot footage to cops

December 11th: Just days after police raided dozens of properties nationwide it has emerged that Hamburg cops were given hundreds of gigabytes of raw footage by major media firms.

Anarkismo Network: Statement of the general meeting

December 10th: European sections of the platformist international have issued a joint declaration on the state of the movement following last month’s gathering in Genoa.

Germany: Cops Raid More Than 20 Properties As Part of G20 Summit Investigation

December 8th: More than 20 properties in several German states were raided as part of ongoing invesitgation by German police special branch (ironically named “Black Block”) into the clashes during G20 summit in Hamburg in July 2017.

Nantes: Students and refugees occupy the castle of Tertre

December 6th: Since 26th November, students occupy the castle of Tertre in Nantes.

Germany: Antifa Blocks AfD Conference

December 4th: The far right anti- immigration Alternative for Germany  (AfD) party conference was delayed for several hours on Saturday due to protests in the city of Hanover.

Brazil: More raids on anarchist homes as state crackdown continues

December 3rd: Punitive raids were expanded at the turn of the month, as police continue to try and pin recent incendiary attacks in Porto Alegre on the anarchist movement.

Russia: Anarchist Prisoner Dmitry Buchenkov Flees the Country

November 28th: It was confirmed that at the beginning of November, Russian anarchist prisoner Dmitry Buchenkov has fled the country.

Germany: Cops lash out as activists try to block clear-cutting of ancient forest

November 27th: Clashes have kicked off today against a massive deforestation campaign in Hambach, following the loss of a court case aiming to put a stay on redevelopment of the 12,000-year-old woodlands into a coal mine.

Last chance for squats in Holland and Switzerland

November 22nd: Two squats under attack from the authorities are mobilising to beat back the latest round of evictions on the European scene.

France: Rally attacked by police as lacklustre unions face criticism

November 17th: Protests in Paris were attacked by police yesterday, with marchers under the CGT banner being tear-gassed as they rallied against labour laws being introduced by the Macron government stripping away labour rights.