Brazil: Anti-fascist couriers form workers’ co-op in Rio

July 31st: As a form of self-organisation and resistance, and driven by the principles of mutual support and solidarity, workers in Rio de Janeiro have launched the Despatronados delivery co-op.  The initiative has come out of the Movement of Anti-Fascist Deliverers, an organisation which was formed in the wake of tough conditions around delivery services during the

Queer without fear: repression fund in solidarity with LGBTQ+ people in Poland

July 30th: As some of you may have heard, there were presidential elections in Poland on 12th July.

Russia: two activists sentenced for protest against the new law erasing trans people

July 21st: Two Russian activists, Polina Simonenko and Mila Zemtsova were sentenced by the Tverskoy District Court in Moscow yesterday for attending a picket protesting a new draft law erasing the, already limited, rights of trans people in Russia.

Germany: Barricades at Rigaer Strasse

July 18th: Thirty years on from when it was first occupied, the long-running Berlin squat and hausprojekt residence Rigaer94 is once again under threat from an aggressive eviction attempt involving security guards, squads of riot cops and construction crews.

Notes from the US

July 17th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Greece: dictatorship-era anti-protest law triggers large demonstrations

July 10th: Thousands of people protested in Greece yesterday in response to the new law giving the police new powers to regulate protests.

Greece: Riot police ambush in Exarcheia goes after its migrant presence

July 6th: The attack follows a recent attempted re-occupation of the zone’s evicted Dervenia 56 centre (pictured) by anarchist militants and a brutal assault which saw hundreds of arrests at a rally on Friday.

#ЗаЮлю and Social Media Activism: A Call Out for International Support

July 2nd: Russian activist Yulia Tsvetkova is facing criminal charges for posting body-positive and LGBT+ friendly art on social media.  She has been accused of distributing pornography with criminal intent, and expects to be sentenced for up to 6 years in prison.

Iran: three protesters sentenced to death

June 26th: Three young people were sentenced to death by Teheran’s “Revolutionary Court”.

BREAKING Russia: anarchist defendants in “Network” case sentenced to prison

June 22nd: A  military court in St.