Russia: editors of radical student magazine arrested for posting a protest rights video

April 21st: Last week, the Russian authorities carried out searches at the offices of the student magazine DOXA and the flats of its four editors.

Notes from the US

April 15th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Cuba: Economic change and authoritarian stasis

April 10th: Octavio Alberola looks at the Cuban state’s post-Fidel shift towards a more privatised economic model and the way it has prioritised retaining elite interests while the masses remain locked out of the decisions affecting their lives.

France: Defending the workers’ gardens against an Olympic parasite

April 3rd: With massive building works for the 2024 Olympics being implemented, Parisians are organising against the systemic use of this “symbol of global unity” to bulldoze and remake communities for the benefit of elite interests.

Belarus: anarchist and antifascist Igor Bancer released from prison

March 26th: Belarussian activist, antifascist and the singer of street punk band Mister X– Igor Bancer have been released from prison following a court verdict sentencing him to 18 months of forced labour.

Statement: Køpi’s wagenplatz in Berlin currently under threat of eviction

March 25th: Below, we publish the statement from Køpi wagenplatz discussing their upcoming eviction threat.

Notes from the US: Biden’s friendly bombs

March 19th: Freedom’s long-running correspondent Louis Further offers his monthly round-up of news from across the Pond.

Support Guarani M’bya in Brazil!

March 13th: If you are able to, please support this important fundraiser by CUAPI –Coletivo Urbano em Apoio aos Povos Indígenas: a collective of indigenous and non-indigenous people with libertarian principles struggling and supporting the Guaranis M’bya people in Brazil.

10,000 march in Thessaloniki after police siege of university

March 12th: Campaigners against a new government law allowing police to attack university grounds had been occupying the Aristotle University’s Rector’s Office, until a dawn raid yesterday.

The Terror of Adolescence

March 6th: It’s the old coming of age story.