The ‘scientific rigour’ which has left our hospitals unprepared

March 31st: The following statement, released recently by Italian healthcare union USI on the running down of their national health system, could be a word for word critique of the British government’s own systematic destruction of the NHS.

Greek authorities use COVID-19 lockdown to crack down on self-managed Vio.Me factory

March 30th: While the Greek people are placed under quarantine due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Greek authorities continue their agenda against the social movements in the country.

South Africa: Evictions mark first day of national lockdown

March 28th: Even as police let loose with rubber bullets and beatings against shoppers yesterday in an effort to enforce the new national Covid-19 lockdown, in Durban they were turfing people into the street.

Notes from the US

March 27th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Quarantine vs. overcrowding – what’s going on in Italian prisons

March 25th: Riots exploded in about 30 Italian prisons 2 weeks ago in the biggest uprising since the 70s.

Sex workers are under attack– feminists everywhere need to support us

March 19th: It was the day after International Women’s Day and I was tired, obviously, but also feeling good about pulling off another strike for the 3rd year in a row in London.

How we got here: Brutality on the the Turkey-Greece borders

March 12th: Neil Middleton looks into the broader political situations in Turkey and Greece which have fuelled horrific levels of violence and repression.

Poland: feminists occupy Tomosławice Coal Mine

March 9th: As part of the International Women’s Day celebrations, at early hours of today a group of women occupied the coal mine in Tomoslawice, central Poland.

Russia: thousands sign open letter in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists

February 16th: On February 10th, seven Russian anarchists accused of the partictipation in “the Network” group were sentenced for terrorist offences to a total of 86 years imprisonment.

BREAKING: Russian antifascists sentenced to 6- 18 years prison

February 10th: The trial of seven Russian antifascists accused of terrorist offences ended today in Penza, western Russia.