Several tortured anarchists flee Russia

March 20th: While international media and liberal politicians delight in the spectacle of the Russian presidential election, Russian and Belarusian anarchists and antifascist continue to struggle with massive repressions by the intelligence service, the police and the judiciary.

Almost 3000 people murdered by Franco’s fascists in Madrid finally named

March 19th: Several historians managed to put together a list of 2,964 people murdered at cemetery of Almudena in Madrid during the first years of the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

Bonn: former Iranian embassy squatted and evicted

March 18th: The former Iranian embassy in Bonn was recently squatted in solidarity with political activism, feminist struggles and prisoner rights in Iran.

Small American flag recovered amid World Trade Center debris at the Fresh Kills Landfill. 9-11 exhibit at the East Tennessee History Museum. 2003 Smithsonian photo by Hugh Talman.

Notes from the USA

March 14th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Germany: Antifa stops AfD march

March 13th: AfD march in Rostock had to be cancelled mid way due to blockades on its route and security concerns.

Greece: police raid three anarchist squats in Athens

March 12th: At early hours of Monday, a coordinated police operation to clear out three anarchist squats in central Athens has resulted in arrests and evictions of the properties.

Nantes: squatted refugee centre evicted

March 9th: At early hours last Wednesday, the prefecture of Nantes, with the green light of the presidency of the university campus, evicted the Castle of Tertre: a university building occupied by students and refugees last Autumn in order to house child migrants.

ZAD: a month away from possible eviction

March 2nd: Following the announcement by French prime minister Edouard Philippe that the ‘illegal occupants’ will be evicted at the end of March, for four weeks now ZAD has seen a large police presence, with about 200 gendarmerie mobilised daily in the area.

Five injured after attack on Greek anti-fascist center

February 28th: Five people were injured and two taken to hospital after Golden Dawn attacked anti-fascist social center in Piraeus in Greece.

Review of repressions against anarchists in Russia

February 27th: Moscow Anarchist Black Cross released the review of repression of anarchists by Russian state in 2017 and early 2018.