French anarchists on the strike for pensions

December 6th: The following statement from France’s anarchist CNT-AIT union analyses the nature of yesterday’s general strike, which has brought out millions of people and affected everything from schools and transport to legal services and hospitals.

Italy: Anarchist arrested for alleged bomb manufacture

December 3rd: Giuseppe Sciacca is the latest person to have been detained over attacks aimed at shutting down migrant detention facilities following raids which closed the Asilo Occupato social centre in Turin on February 7th.

Courtesy of Guy Smallman

We are here, even if Macron doesn’t want it: One year of the Gilets Jaunes

December 1st: On November 16th the Gilets Jaunes movement marked one year since it burst onto the scene and threw a spanner in the works of President Macron’s agenda.


The Revolt in Iran

November 28th: There is open revolt in the Iran and for some reason and no one seems to be talking about it.

Greece: Anarchists defiant amid eviction threat to occupied social centres

November 27th: The Greek State has given occupied social centres a deadline of December 5th to leave or face heavy force aimed at removing them.

Notes from the US

November 19th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Rise up for Rozbrat!

November 15th: Across Europe, autonomous spaces are fighting for survival in the face of mounting repression.

Bolivia: A very Latin American Coup

November 14th: FACT.


Statement of international solidarity with the anarchist movement in Greece

November 7th: The promising people’s revolts in Ecuador and Chile, the vigorous resistance in revolutionary Rojava, the continuing mobilizations in Greece, France, Turkey, Palestine, the small and bigger acts of resistance all over the world give us hope and strength and demonstrate that the enemy might be strong but is not invulnerable.

A message from Rojava

November 1st: A message from a British revolutionary, part of the resistance against the Turkish invasion of North East Syria, to the people gathering tomorrow to make their solidarity heard and seen.