France: ZAD declares victory as airport plan dropped!

January 17th: In a communique the famous horizontal community Zone à Defendre (ZAD) has declared a “historic victory” and called for “expropriated peasants and inhabitants to be able to fully recover their rights as soon as possible.” The entirety of the land area devoted to the airport project — 1,650 hectares of land declared as being of public

Naples: Anarchists under pressure as anti-mafia tactics employed in crackdown

January 17th: Bearing down on insurrectionist groups, the Italian State is using its organised crime units to cast a wide net and pressure anarchists nationwide.

Notes From the US: A gulf in green expectations

January 15th: Louis Further rounds up the latest happenings in US politics from an anarchist perspective.

Chile: Tamara Sol seriously injured by guards in ‘failed jailbreak’

January 13th: The family of Tamara Sol reported yesterday that the anarchist prisoner was brutally beaten on Thursday after allegedly attempting to lead an escape out of Valparaíso Women’s Penitentiary Center.

Berlin: Refugee Movement Centre Evicted

January 11th: Gerhart-Hauptmann Schule, a school building in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district squatted in 2012 by a group of refugees and activists,  was evicted today.

Uruguay: Trade Unionist Murdered by a Strike-breaker

January 9th: Marcelo Silvera, the interim president of the Cargo Transport and Related Branches Union (SUTCRA) was murdered on the morning of 3rd January by a strike-breaker.

Report on Prison Suicides in Texas

January 6th: On 19th November 2017, prisoner Benjamin Laure was found hanging in his cell in Texas prison.

Argentina: An open letter against repression of the Mapuche

January 2nd: The below statement sees progressive groups explain how Argentine security services, which recently set up taskforce to tackle what they call the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance are deliberately conflating many different campaigns to justify political repression.

Mexico: Free radio stations denounce government crackdown

December 28th: The following is a statement and report from the 13th annual meeting of community radio and media projects on the Mexican government’s recent efforts to restrict and commercialise use of the radio spectrum, effectively criminalising the country’s many free radical radio outlets.  As community radios and free media projects meeting for the 13th anniversary of

Italy: ‘Humanity welcome’ rally calls for aid to abandoned refugees

December 20th: For months now the situation of asylum seekers in San Lorenzo Isontino, near the Italy-Slovenia border, has been shocking. Just like in Pordenone, the city’s centre-right council (with the complicity of the wider Gorizia Prefecture) is leaving hundreds of refugees waiting for the right to asylum to freeze without any kind of assistance.