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Nothing is over

June 11th: Prison becomes inevitable for anyone who decides to follow certain practices, but to see us exclusively as "prisoners" would be to annihilate us politically, which is exactly what power wants

South African elections: Long road to nowhere?

June 5th: Record-low turnout shows loss of faith in the ANC party-state, but popular power has yet to fill the gap

Southeast Asian anarchism: Notes from a denizen

June 4th: In the past thirty years, anarchism as well as implicitly anarchist practices have grown quite expansively in our region of the world

“Technocrat” or far-right spymaster?

May 31st: Netherlands: New prime minister Dick Schoof is former intelligence chief who illegally spied on citizens and remains vague about democracy's red lines

Blocking the Internet during revolt: Kanaky and the suburbs as laboratories

May 29th: A method once reserved for authoritarian regimes or periods of war is now being implemented by the French government in New Caledonia

Italy: Strategic resistance to the arms industry

May 24th: With exports up 86%, disarming companies like Leonardo and Fincantieri gains global importance From Umanità Nova The growing rearmament of the countries of the European continent is now evident even to the average citizen.

Netherlands: Far right coalition to curb protest, challenge Refugee Convention

May 22nd: In combination with bottom-up neoliberal redistribution and a brutalisation of ethics and language, this new fascist wave threatens to develop into a tsunami.

In Montpellier, Kanak and supporters of the Palestinian people demonstrated together "against colonialism" this Saturday, May 18. Photo by Mathieu Le Coz / Hans Lucas

New Caledonia: Kanak revolt confronts French state and settler militias

May 21st: The revolt started a week ago in the south Pacific territory, after a series of disputed independence referenda.

Notes from the US: A matter of life and death

May 18th: From the assault on Gaza genocide protests to racist and ecocidal policies - elites have proven they will never affirm life and peace against death and destruction

General strike: Argentina in slow motion

May 11th: On Thursday, unions held a second general strike against far-right President Javier Milei's “adjustment policies” and austerity.