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Manchester union  picket attacked by fascists

Manchester union picket attacked by fascists

Far-right thugs imitating the French yellow-vest movement launched a racist attack on an RMT picket yesterday, reports the Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network:

Striking transport workers were attacked on their picket line at Manchester Victoria by a bunch of yellow vest fascists.

The picketers, who have been campaigning over cuts to safety-important train guard roles, were attacked for being leftist and part of the organised working class. An Asian picket was abused and called a sex offender, paedophile and nonce

One fascist took a video in a vest with Tommy Robinson news written on it, there were people there wearing DFLA and EDL t-shirts, and ex-BNP Liverpool 2012 mayoral candidate Mike Whitby was there abusing pickets.

This is a timely reminder that fascists are nothing but lackeys of the rich elites, a force against working class people of all colour. They are class traitors and must be opposed whatever they are wearing and whatever narrative they hide behind.

They are also too stupid to know the RMT are a pro-Brexit union, instead attacking them just for being “lefties”.

We call on all anti fascists and leftists to show solidarity with the RMT on their picket lines on Saturday January 12th.

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