On the BUF flag, the conspiracy march and the poverty of anti-fascist analysis

On Saturday, thousands of conspiracy theorists descended on Trafalgar Square to demonstrate against coronavirus restrictions, vaccines and 5G networks. The crowd was addressed by an array of speakers, prominent among them Piers Corbyn, the brother of Jeremy Corbyn and the UK’s premier conspiracist, David Icke. It was a large and heterogeneous group, difficult to label

3… 2… 1… Antifa are go

The London Anti-Fascist Assembly (LAFA) launched this year as a pan-city grassroots anti-fascist coalition made up of groups from across the left. Below, a member of far-right monitoring podcast 12 Rules For WHAT (@12rulesforwhat) considers the challenges ahead. In February more than 150 anti-fascists packed into a social centre in Dalston to discuss and plan

How to get into (or start) your own red gym

A co-founder of left-wing gym Reading Red Corner writes about her experiences and the lessons learned from running the town’s weekly radical boxing club. Red Gyms are an awesome phenomenon. I’m one of the co-founders and teachers at Reading Red Corner, and as a Pakistani woman I can honestly say the project has breathed fresh

Greece: How Neo-Nazi gangs are targeting squats

On the night of September 17th 2013, the Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P) and his friends sat in the local coffee shop Korali, in Keratsini, to the south of Athens. There was a football match on the TV. The place was packed. Soon a verbal dispute between local two members of the neo-Nazi group

France: Act 12 rallies in face of repression

After months of clashes, “Act 12” of the main Gilet Jaunes (yellow vest) marches today is setting itself squarely against police and fascist violence – and calls are growing for a general strike. A fascist attack launched against a procession at Act 11 by anti-capitalist party NPA last Saturday shook the left sections of the yellow vests. Several

London: Far-right bookfair cancelled after local pressure

An event touted as the “bookfair of the right” has been cancelled the morning before it was due to take place, after activists pressed the venue over its hosting of a fascist-filled event on International Holocaust Memorial Day. The White Eagle Club in Balham, London, was due to host the fascist get-together, which is linked

Hundreds turn out in solidarity with Russian anti-fascists

Hundreds of people turned out today for a solidarity demo organised by a coalition of London groups in aid of Russian anti-fascists who have been facing a brutal wave of repression by the Kremlin — which saw four new arrests occur earlier today. One attendee at the march, which ended at the famous Cable Street

Manchester union picket attacked by fascists

Far-right thugs imitating the French yellow-vest movement launched a racist attack on an RMT picket yesterday, reports the Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network: Striking transport workers were attacked on their picket line at Manchester Victoria by a bunch of yellow vest fascists. The picketers, who have been campaigning over cuts to safety-important train guard roles, were attacked