Earth Strike: what’s on

September 19th: Tomorrow Earth Strike UK, a part of a global grassroots movement organising the world’s first general strike save the Planet, will hold a series of event across the country.

A street view of DSEI 2019

September 15th: Tanya Jiang writes on the what happened at the front line of this year’s clash between weapon-mongers trying to flog their murderous devices to State killers, and the hundreds of people who put their bodies on the line to stop it from happening.

Anarchist Festival announces its 2020 dates

September 12th: Anarchist Festival, a decentralised event happening across Britain and Ireland since 2018, has announced its 2020 dates.

Far-right threatens Irish unity rally in Glasgow

September 7th: Anti-fascists have mobilised today amid loyalist chatter threatening International Brigades and Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association marches in Govan.

Battle for Amulsar: UK mining giant using corporate courts to attack community opposed to massive gold mine

September 11th: Early last week—despite popular resistance and grave environmental concerns—the Armenian government green-lit a gold mine on Amulsar Mountain in Southern Armenia.

Brazil: In case of fire, burn the landlords and imperialists

September 1st: In this scorching essay, the Brazilian Anarchist Co-ordination (Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira, or CAB) analyse the many steps taken under multiple governments which have led to today’s ruinous arsons of the Amazon — and call for support to flow to the grassroots communities resisting the burners.

Greece: Police attack Exarcheia Square and K*VOX social centre

August 30th: The Greek riot police has attacked Athens’ Exarcheia Square and K*VOX social centre late last night.

How Johnson’s stop and search expansion will hurt BME communities

September 16th: Earlier this month, Boris Johnson revealed the next string to his crime-fighting bow; a country-wide extension to Stop-and-Search procedures.

Squatters Digest: To our friends, and former room-mates

September 2nd: Summer is waning, holidays have been had, and so we all go back to the grindstone — and by grindstone I mean opening new squats.

Sister not Cister: a fight to be safe

August 24th: The issue of trans rights is one which has caused enormous upheaval across the left, including the anarchist movement.

Why is the Greek state attacking Exarcheia?

September 14th: The Greek state’s long anticipated attack on the rebellious district of Exarcheia began with the eviction of four occupied spaces and a provocative and dangerous attack on the social centre K*Vox.

Lucien van der Walt: Should Anti-Capitalists Contest Elections?

September 10th: With yet another general election looming in Britain, this extensive treatment of the concept by veteran anarchist activist Lucien van der Walt looks at South Africa’s post-Apartheid experiences under the long governance of the ANC.

Whatever the outcome of the present chaos, the far right will grow and we need to oppose them

September 8th: Parliamentary chaos and the looming No Deal Brexit have emboldened the far right.