The story of Poland’s wild-living cows who were sentenced to slaughter

May 22nd: At the beginning of the month, some of you may have noticed news reports in the English speaking media reporting that some 185 cows are living wild in Poland after being abandoned by their carers.

Royal College of Nursing to support decriminalisation of prostitution

May 21st: The Royal College of Nursing (RNC) has voted yesterday in favour of the motion that “this meeting of Congress calls upon the RCN Council to lobby governments across the UK to decriminalise prostitution.”

Anarchist Festival 2019

May 12th: Following the success of last year’s weekend of decentralised anarchist happenings, the Anarchist Festival is back this year, this time aiming to host events scheduled across the country.

London: TERFs crash Mayday march

May 1st: Today in London, a group of Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) attempted to join the Mayday march with a transphobic banner.

Refugee struggle: secret document could prove Turkey is not a safe third country

May 20th: Germany’s largest pro immigration advocacy organization PRO ASYL, together with Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) have urged the European Asylum Support Office  (EASO) to release a potentially crucial report on the Turkish asylum system.

Notes from the US

May 15th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Update on Publico Bookshop attack

May 13th: On Thursday 2nd May, the day after major Mayday demonstrations, a comrade from the French Fédération Anarchiste was attacked in the FA’s Parisian infoshop and bookstore Publico by a man in his mid 40’s armed with a knife.

Careful comrade, your class is showing. XR has some problems.

April 26th: There has forever been this disconnect between the more radical and liberal anarchists which keep us somewhat isolated from each other, even when our political positions more or less mirror each other.

Diving into our early syndicalist histories

April 20th: It is a standard cliché of Marxist attacks on anarchism to contrast “individualistic” anarchism with “collectivist” syndicalism.

The HMP kids: Damage done by IPP sentencing

April 10th: Darcey Hartley’s dad, Ian, has been in prison for over 13 years, even though he was only required to serve two years and 11 months.

Some thoughts on Bristol University disciplinary action against trans student

May 18th: CW: Transphobia The Univeristy of Bristol continue their prolonged harassment of trans student Nic Aaron, deciding to postpone – yet again – disciplinary proceedings that have already stretched on for over a year.

Brexit and Migrant Women: What Does the Future Hold?

May 16th: With Brexit still a very much undecided concept, and a second referendum, no-deal and Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement still very much on the table, it remains an uncertain time for many communities in the UK.

Green and Black Cross: Extinction Rebellion’s legal support is inadequate

May 14th: In a statement released today the longstanding activist court support group is expressing serious concerns about how senior organisers with Extinction Rebellion (XR) are approaching legal observation and policing — and explains why GBC is withdrawing backing for the group.