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Blocking the Internet during revolt: Kanaky and the suburbs as laboratories

May 29th: A method once reserved for authoritarian regimes or periods of war is now being implemented by the French government in New Caledonia

Activists cut internet access for arms factory that supplies Israel

May 28th: Activists from Palestine Action Scotland sabotaged the internet cables of Edinburgh's Leonardo factory and sprayed red paint over their fighter jet model displays.

image: Robin Stott, Geograph

High Court: Police and Crime Act places “disproportionate burden on Gypsies”

May 23rd: A judgement on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 last week handed a victory to campaigners for Gypsy and Traveller rights.

Image: Cold War Steve on Twitter

Freedom announces election night coverage

May 22nd: With UK elections called for July 4, a six week campaign now begins and Freedom is ready to analyse it like never before.

Italy: Strategic resistance to the arms industry

May 24th: With exports up 86%, disarming companies like Leonardo and Fincantieri gains global importance From Umanità Nova The growing rearmament of the countries of the European continent is now evident even to the average citizen.

In Montpellier, Kanak and supporters of the Palestinian people demonstrated together "against colonialism" this Saturday, May 18. Photo by Mathieu Le Coz / Hans Lucas

New Caledonia: Kanak revolt confronts French state and settler militias

May 21st: The revolt started a week ago in the south Pacific territory, after a series of disputed independence referenda.

Notes from the US: A matter of life and death

May 18th: From the assault on Gaza genocide protests to racist and ecocidal policies - elites have proven they will never affirm life and peace against death and destruction

Whose lives matter (we who are darker than blue)

May 26th: Palestine is burning.

Radical Reprint: The Voice of Labour

May 19th: With militarism and the expectation of a war in Europe on the rise, Freedom‘s approach wasn’t getting as much of a bump in readership as hoped, according to reports from the anarchists’ annual gathering in Newcastle in May 1914.

Cambridge for Palestine – demanding divestment

May 17th: "This is a protest against the University’s complicity in the massacre in Gaza, and we affirm that everyday".

Fourteen years of suffering

May 28th: As this Tory government comes to an end, it should be remembered for the torment it has caused.

Deceleration: Notes on anarchism and degrowth

May 27th: Capital is tearing at its seams and new insurrectional and revolutionary waves are emerging; it is now that anarchism can find a powerful ally in certain sectors of degrowth

A person with hypersomnia sleeps contentedly on a bed.

Where are the crip Utopias?

May 20th: Crips are excluded on the sole basis that they cannot conform to the ableist ideal of an activist