Spain: CNT archives attacked

June 17th: The Fundación Anselmo Lorenzo (FAL) archive and bookshop, a major anarchist institution in Madrid, was attacked with a pickaxe and paint overnight during the weekend.

Climate activists targeted in police crackdown at G7

June 17th: During the G7 summit last weekend, officers from Devon & Cornwall Police arrested 29 members of the animal rights and climate emergency group Animal Rebellion, in what looked like the deliberate targeting of anyone associated with them for harassment, searches, and arrests.

June 11: Solidarity With All Anarchist Prisoners

June 12th: Yesterday in London around 30 anarchists took to the streets of North London to march in solidarity with all anarchist prisoners.

12 years on: SOAS Justice for Workers commemorates 9 cleaning staff targeted in on-campus immigration raid

June 9th: Every year, 12th June is commemorated by Justice for Workers (J4W) – a campaign started in 2006 by majority Latin American cleaning staff at School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) to fight for the fair working conditions of all workers at the university.

Notes from the US

June 14th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

The Zad of the Link: call to join ZAD du LIEN

June 11th: The ‘L.I.E.N’ [“la liaison intercantonale d’évitement du nord” – The Northern Bypass or LINK in English] is the latest section of motorway scheduled for construction around Montpellier, France.

Moscow court approves extradition of Belarusian antifascist facing rioting charges

June 4th: Last week, the Moscow City Court ruled to extradite to Belarus an anti-fascist from the city of Brest Andrei Kazimirov.

‘Movement building, community building’: the anarchist social centre in London

May 26th: Tucked away in a quiet corner of Elephant & Castle lies 56A Infoshop.

The kidnap of Alexander Haitoglou

May 25th: To mark Freedom Press’s fundraising campaign to publish A Normal Life, the autobiography of “Greek Robin Hood” Vassilis Palaiokostas, this piece recounts the events of when Vassilis and his brother, Nikos, kidnapped and ransomed a Greek industrialist in 1995.

Haringey Solidarity Group: A Celebration of 30 years of radical ideas and campaigning in Haringey and beyond

May 24th: May 11th 2021 was the 30th anniversary of the Haringey Solidarity Group in North London.

In the face of oppression, trans anarchists demand solidarity

June 13th: To Kell and Back ‘dispatches from the front line’ Content note for discussion of transphobia and mention of suicide On June 5th, in its 200th year of existence, The Guardian came out, finally, as intrinsically opposed to my existence.

Cummings confirmed what we all knew. So where is the anger?

June 3rd: Last week could have been a pivotal moment in British politics.

EXTRACT: New far right organisational forms

June 2nd: The following is an extract from 12 Rules for What’s upcoming book, Post Internet Far Right, published by Dog Section Press.