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“Why we squatted Gordon Ramsay’s pub”

April 14th: Freedom received this statement from the Camden Art Cafe squatters who have liberated Gordon Ramsay's York and Albany Hotel restaurant in Camden:

Palestine Action blockade Elbit’s Leicester drone factory

April 11th: U-TacS is majority owned by Elbit Systems, Israel's largest arms manufacturer, and partially owned by French arms company Thales.

Jury acquits Palestine Actionist of ‘possession with intent’

April 11th: Despite being permitted no defences and having admitted their intention to throw the items - eggs filled with red paint and ketchup - at a building, the acquittal took only one hour's deliberation.

Palestine Action targets ADS Group and Avnet

April 11th: ADS Group, Avnet, and EBV Elektronik all profit from working with Israel's largest weapons firm, Elbit Systems.

The circled A at 60: True and false

April 12th: Tomás Ibáñez debunks several myths about the famous anarchist symbol, which was created only in April 1964

total eclipse in the USA April 2024


April 10th: Peter Gelderloos reflects on the cultural significance of Monday's solar eclipse

Oregon forest defenders launch tree top sit

April 8th: Amid climbing global temperatures and increasingly severe forest fires, protesters say that continuing logging is unacceptable, especially in carbon-dense and fire-resistant old growth forests.

Autism and anarchy: The importance of autistic anarchism

April 10th: Anarchism, for me, is just the name for a kind of politics that never stops being messy and never stops listening to personal and collective desires, no matter how unreasonable they seem.

John Sinclair (1941-2024)

April 9th: Detroit poet, author, legalisation campaigner, manager of the MC5 rock band, White Panther Party co-founder, and early Fifth Estate writer

Introducing our new AI columnist: AnarchyGPT

April 1st: After many iterations, tireless tweaking of prompts, and splicing with our own home-grown algorithm, we are glad to present our new AI columnist.

A letter to my centrist aunt

April 7th: I want to explain my anger in our recent debates.

Capitalist ambitions and an arrogance of deceit

April 3rd: There's a certain pathology, an attitude characteristic of capitalist politics with a distinctly British flavour.

I don’t care if a royal has cancer

March 27th: We care so much about suffering celebrities, those who get our mandated sympathy precisely because we're not supposed to care about each other.