Death of a royal exposes weaknesses in the British establishment

April 12th: I don’t think anyone really knows what Britain is anymore, not least the people in charge of steering the country.

All seven London Ratp bus depots now backing strikes

April 6th: With drivers at Stamford Brook and Hounslow Heath voting to join industrial action against a real-terms pay cut, the company is facing serious trouble in South and West London.

Construction rank and file blockades Hinkley Point against de-skilling

April 2nd: Along with the ongoing protests against the Policing Bill, the past month has seen another, less high-profile struggle playing out across the UK, as electricians and other construction workers have mounted a campaign against employers trying to de-skill their trade.

Deliveroo workers to strike over exploitative practices and low pay

March 28th: Hundreds of Deliveroo riders from across the UK are expected to strike in an action to coincide with the company’s IPO valuation, taking place on the 7th of April.

Cuba: Economic change and authoritarian stasis

April 10th: Octavio Alberola looks at the Cuban state’s post-Fidel shift towards a more privatised economic model and the way it has prioritised retaining elite interests while the masses remain locked out of the decisions affecting their lives.

France: Defending the workers’ gardens against an Olympic parasite

April 3rd: With massive building works for the 2024 Olympics being implemented, Parisians are organising against the systemic use of this “symbol of global unity” to bulldoze and remake communities for the benefit of elite interests.

Belarus: anarchist and antifascist Igor Bancer released from prison

March 26th: Belarussian activist, antifascist and the singer of street punk band Mister X– Igor Bancer have been released from prison following a court verdict sentencing him to 18 months of forced labour.

Frank Leech: Why I went on Hunger Strike

April 11th: The following article by a wartime conscientious objector is taken from an April 1944 issue of War Commentary, brought out by the Freedom Group during World War II shortly before its editors were arrested for sedition.

ANTIFA to sue George Soros for unpaid wages

April 1st: This week court cases began in several countries against George Soros for what is believed to be a legal first for anarchists.

Freedom and Empire, 1948

March 29th: In his second article looking at recent editions to the Freedom digital archive, historian Jack Saundrs considers the anarchists’ take on Britain’s declining imperial holdings as another vicious conflict broke out just a few years on from World War II — the Malayan Emergency.

Stay at Home! The Violence of Eviction

April 9th: Joe Reynolds’ words and photographs tell a squatter’s tale on the violence of eviction, using ghosts, dogs, legal battles, health problems and chaos to explain a story that cannot be whispered.

RECLAIM THE 90s!: Parallels and differences between the CJA and the policing bill and routes to resistance

April 8th: There’s been a ton of commentary since the new policing bill was thrust into public consciousness by the police attack on the Sarah Everard vigil in Clapham.

The alt-right in shards: what has become of the movement?

April 7th: By early 2020, the separation and decline of the alt right had become a matter of intense confusion for some of its members.