Ireland: Anarchists on the abortion referendum

May 24th: With the referendum on whether to repeal the Irish constitution’s 8th Amendment taking place tomorrow, Freedom is reproducing this piece by Irish anarchist organisation the WSM explaining their position — and eight reasons why they will be voting Yes.

It’s spelt Sisterhood, not Cis-terhood statement

May 22nd: This statement was penned by a group of women who are angry with the recent rise of anti-trans feminism.

Far-right ‘football lads’ humiliated in Manchester on match day

May 20th: After a worryingly large turnout in London earlier this month the much-hyped Football Lads Alliance (FLA) was humiliated yesterday, pulling in barely 300 people to be penned in by police and outmatched by anti-fascists.

Pont Valley opencast mine protectors warn of baseless arrest tactics

May 19th: Campaigners against opencast mining in Pont Valley have warned that aggressive police tactics are leading to detentions of people who have committed no crime following the latest set of protests at the site.

Russia: protest against prison torture

May 23rd: St Petersburg: about 400 people took part in the rally against torture of prisoners in Russia: an impressive turn out for a country where brutal political repression is a norm.

Notes from the US: Jailing migrant children

May 16th: Louis Further’s latest roundup of goings-on in the USA.

Israel: Antifa opposes nationalist ‘Jerusalem Flag Parade’

May 14th: Jerusalem Antifa took action against the Jerusalem Flag Parade nationalist march held annually on 13th of May.

Too soon, victory for the ZAD led to despair

May 21st: In the 1970s the French government announced its next major airport expansion in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Nantes.

Interview with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the CNT

May 17th: On the occasion of the Founding Congress of the New International, a member of anarcho-syndicalist union CNT interviewed its foreign secretary Miguel Pérez, on the ins and outs of the event. As a note, Freedom does not have a position re: the split with the IWA which produced the new international, and readers are encouraged to

We taught them a lesson: Beating a deposit deduction

May 15th: Below is the write-up of a successful campaign organised by a tenant and Brighton SolFed against a deduction to that tenant’s deposit.

Corbyn and the MSM: Thoughts on left-wing media discussions

May 18th: Peter Marshall considers the popular trope that “journalists just lie” against a more structural take on the production of media as propaganda.

South Africa: Minimal wages can’t end the suffering when rich abuse poor

May 13th: Bongani Maponyane writes about the introduction this month of South Africa’s new Minimum Wage of R20 p/h (£1.20), and argues that it goes nowhere near far enough.

Britain Not Heading Towards Socialism Anytime Soon

May 10th: Jon Bigger muses on the outcome of the local elections and what it means for the Corbyn project.