Freedom News

Protest in five cities over landlords of death

November 30th: People across five cities in England rallied outside the respective offices of Fisher German to urge the property managers to evict Israeli-owned Elbit Systems.

Cleaners force LSE to backdate their stolen pay

November 30th: LSE has granted two years of backdated holiday pay and a one-off lump sum of £150 per person to their halls of residence cleaners.

Boaters take license fee protest to CRT head office

November 28th: NBTA believes the proposed surcharge and rationale are insincere political manoeuvres designed to segregate and marginalise travelling boaters, with no serious concern for canal management finances.

Elbit’s drone factory landlords targeted

November 27th: The offices' windows have been smashed, and the building covered in blood-red paint, as activists have prevented access to the premises at 55 Colmore Row, Birmingham.

Notes from the US: “MAGA Is Ascendant”

November 16th: Reason is missing.

The new structure of Zapatista autonomy

November 15th: Following their statement dissolving their autonomous government, the Zapatistas have released another statement:

By defending the squats, we defend the movement against the rotten world of authority

October 25th: From the ashes of Evros, central Greece and Rhodes to the mud of the valley.

Interview: Brand, Sweden’s oldest anarchist paper

November 29th: Printed four times a year, Brand [‘fire’] has been published in Sweden since 1898.

The art of freedom: Strategies for organising and collective resistance

November 23rd: Stateless democracy is not only possible but is already being built.

Common Arab-Jewish struggles in the past & present: Interview with George Mehrabian

November 22nd: This is a conversation about the unity of the Palestinian and Israeli peoples.

Police invade Kurdish Assembly

November 27th: This invasion by the Metropolitan Police comes only two days after UK defence minister Grant Shapps and Turkish counterpart Yaşar Güler held a meeting agreeing to "enhance" defence and security cooperation.

Rage against genocide

November 26th: Justice is the only cause, and abolition is the future!

Barcelona: La Ruïna and el Kubo will not die

November 25th: See you on November 30 at 5:30 a.m.