No housemate is a problem

July 21st: More and more people flock to affluent urban centres with highly competitive housing markets, which make finding accommodations a real struggle.

Radical summer gatherings get underway

July 17th: Kicking off with the Fast Forward Festival, people hoping to get involved with different politics, build up alternative ways of living and fight for the climate with direct action have a full two months of political festivals ahead.

State goes after 1,000 Extinction Rebellion arrestees

July 10th: The aggressive effort to prosecute is likely part of a major early disruption effort against new waves of climate change protest, police monitoring group Netpol has warned.

London callout: noise demo in solidarity with Barcelona’s war on gentrification

July 7th: On Monday 8th July at 8.30am, activists will gather in front of Blackstone offices at 40 Berkley Square in London W1 J5AL for a noise demo to show solidarity with Barcelona’s residents fighting against gentrification.

Poland: police use tear gas against Climate Camp protesters

July 20th: Police have used teargas and arrested 8 people during a protest against the expansion of Krzyszkowice open cast coal mine in southern Poland this morning.

France: ZAD Transnational Summer Camp ends

July 19th: More than 500 activists from across Europe, northern and western Africa took part in the Transnational Summer Camp  held between 9th and 14th July at ZAD site located near Nantes in France.

Urgent callout for solidarity from East Jerusalem

July 18th: This is an urgent callout for solidarity sent to Freedom News by our contacts in  Jerusalem/Al-Quds Antifa.

The Social Centre Bulletin: Raise the roof!

July 17th: The second instalment of this new column for Freedom News, which aims to support and publicise what’s happening at radical social centres around Britain.

On the possibility of a Rainbow

July 16th:  ‘The Rainbow in Jordan is a microcosm of our issues in the region.’Lioness was speaking to me in a shisha café-restaurant in the upscale Amman neighbourhood of Jebel Lwebdeh.

Pioneers of British anarchism: Alfred Marsh

July 12th: From 1895-1913 Alfred Marsh was editor of Freedom when it was the only anarchist paper to survive the collapse of the movement in Britain at the turn of the century — and without his grit and fortitude there is no doubt that it too would have been shut down along with the likes of the

Sorry Officer, I really could not say

July 14th: A lot of the time over the last couple of years of discussing gender regulation and self ID I’ve been having a rhetorical move pulled on me which I’m going to pick apart.

The next UK election could be terrifying

July 13th: If there’s a general election in 2019 I’m starting to feel really uneasy about it.

SYRIZA’s “long march through the institutions” comes to an end?

July 11th: On July 7th the SYRIZA party (Coalition of the Radical Left) lost the Greek national elections to the conservative New Democracy with a bitter 8% difference, allowing the latter to form a self-reliance government (something which had not happen since the beginning of the crisis in 2008).