Total victory for Brighton rent strike!

December 14th: Students at Kings Hall Road halls run by the University of Sussex have forced the institution to meet all their demands after just four days.

BREAKING: Detention and Deportation of EU Migrants Ruled Illegal by High Court

December 14th: Today a High Court judge ruled that detaining and deporting of homeless EU migrants is illegal.

Hundreds refuse to cross picket line in wildcat Crossrail strike

December 13th: More than 200 workers at the flagship rail construction project have downed tools today in solidarity with more colleagues who have been sacked and locked out.

Rent strike at Sussex University

December 11th: Students have announced an indefinite rent strike at the institution’s Kings Road halls today following revelations that new vice chancellor Michael Farthing got a £230,000 “golden hello” — cash they say could have been spent fixing up decaying accommodation.

Notes from the US: Billionare’s Bonanza

December 14th: Freedom correspondent Louis Further rounds up the latest efforts of the US State to bolster polluting and violent industries at the expense of all.

First Balkan IWA Congress takes place in Belgrade

December 12th: Having split in 2015-16 [1][2][3], a much smaller International Workers Association (IWA) gathered in Belgrade last month, a country which as recently as last year was still trying to jail the organisation’s members on spurious terror charges.

Germany: Media firms hand unpublished G20 riot footage to cops

December 11th: Just days after police raided dozens of properties nationwide it has emerged that Hamburg cops were given hundreds of gigabytes of raw footage by major media firms.

Stopping the Haringey Development Vehicle

December 8th: In common with estates and boroughs in city and town centres all over Britain, Haringey is facing a major redevelopment drive which threatens to gut its local community.

Welcome to Partisan

November 29th: Manchester has been struggling along without a stable radical social centre since 2007, when The Basement was ruined by flooding, but that all changed in 2017.

A year through anarchist eyes: 1950

November 16th: Rob Ray takes a unique run through the pages of Freedom in 1950, a time when anarchism was in a pretty dire state, but was starting to gain traction via a focus fighting issues such as capital punishment, nuclear weapons and militarism, which would characterise some of anarchism’s biggest campaigns later in the decade.

You Cannot Burn Us All: the Issue of Communal Housing Privatisation in Poland

December 13th: Privatisation has many faces.

Reflections on Anarchist Organising

December 12th: In his latest column, Jon Bigger reflects on grassroots anarchist organising.

Are Amazon digging a hole for themselves at Tilbury?

December 10th: Since the Amazon distribution facility opened in Tilbury at the start of October, over 600 workers have either quit because the working conditions are so bad or they’ve been sacked for failing to meet onerous productivity targets.