Notes from the US: Racism enshrined in law

July 16th: Louis Further rounds up some of the key news from the US, including some nasty rulings coming down from the “pre” reactionary group which sitting before Trump imposes his vision for its future.

Anti-fascist reports: Confronting the far-right in London

July 15th: Anti-fascist activists from Plan C and Edinburgh Antifa write on yesterday’s clash with Tommy Robinson-supporting neo-nazis.

New Zine: Starting an Anarchist Black Cross

July 9th: The Anarchist Black Cross is an international network of anarchist groups and individuals engaged in practical solidarity with prisoners and broader anti-repression struggles that started over 100 years ago.

Poster crew run #spycop takeover of London ad spaces

July 6th: In their latest adventure occupying advertising real estate across the capital, subvertisers the Special Patrol Group have set giant posters up on bus stops and on the Tube.

Greece: Pola Roupa sentenced to life plus 25 years imprisonment

July 13th: Pola Roupa, a member of Greek urban guerrila group Revolutionary Struggle, has been sentenced to life and 25 years imprisonment over the bomb attack on the Greek National Bank and the offices of the IMF in Athens in April 2014.

Dijon: large refugee squat evicted

July 12th: Yesterday early morning French police, with assistance from border police evicted the XXL Squat in Dijon, where about hundred asylum seekers lived.

Austria: 12-hour work day approved by the parliament

July 8th: With the votes of the coalition government of Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz’s conservative People’s Party (ÖVP) and the far-right Nationalist Liberal Party, as well as the votes of the neo-liberal opposition party NEW (New Austria), the Austrian Parliament  approved the controversial law to allow 12-hour work days.

Adding to the anarchist media list

July 11th: The Anarchist Federation in London launched a new podcast yesterday, adding a welcome new voice to what is currently a very short list of anarchist audio outlets (which we’re collating below).

Aspects of syndicalism in Spain, Sweden and USA

July 2nd: Considering the relative weakness of anarcho-syndicalism in Britain historially, Philip Holgate compares three countries where the revolutionary union idea took off and made a major social impact in Spain, Sweden and the US. Holgate, born at Chesterfield, 1934, studied mathematics at Exeter and spent five years teaching in a progressive school.

Solarpunk and anarchist infrapolitics

June 29th: Connor Owens writes on anarchism and a form of sci-fi that emphasises the possibilities of eco-utopias.

Fuck Assad, fuck his Western lackeys: An anarchist statement on Eva Bartlett

July 10th: Tomorrow Eva Bartlett, a self-appointed “independent journalist” who fancies herself an expert on Middle East will be speaking in London.

Can anarchists give Trump the welcome he deserves?

July 4th: Ever since Trump became President of the USA there’s been the prospect of him visiting the UK and the chance for direct action.

Why we fight the TERF war

July 3rd: The past year has seen a reprehensible mobilization of Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists – known (much to their outrage) as TERFs – people who deny that trans women are women and use this ideological position as a basis to incite violence and repression against the trans community.