Poland: Stop Bzdurom, Queer struggle and the events of yesterday in Warsaw

August 8th: Dozens of people were arrested in Warsaw yesterday following the police executing a court order granting two-month pre-trial detention of a member of Stop Bzdurom (Stop Bullshit) queer collective Małgorzata Szutowicz (Margot)* concerning a direct action involving alleged damage to a truck driving around Warsaw blasting homophobic hate speech (or indeed, bullshit) from its loudspeakers. 

IWGB wins worker status and rights for ‘gig economy’ CitySprint couriers once and for all

August 5th: The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) has claimed victory over CitySprint, having dragged the company back to an employment tribunal for a third time to establish worker status and basic employment rights for five of its members who work for the company.

Anarchists in England and Wales launch Autonomy News website

August 1st: This week anarchists based in England and Wales launched a new website, Autonomy News.

Ministry of Justice’s outsourced workers win vote for trade union recognition

July 30th: Cleaners, security guards and porters at the Ministry of Justice celebrated victory today after they voted 70% in favour of trade union recognition which give them a guaranteed right to negotiate.

Brazil: Anti-fascist couriers form workers’ co-op in Rio

July 31st: As a form of self-organisation and resistance, and driven by the principles of mutual support and solidarity, workers in Rio de Janeiro have launched the Despatronados delivery co-op.  The initiative has come out of the Movement of Anti-Fascist Deliverers, an organisation which was formed in the wake of tough conditions around delivery services during the

Queer without fear: repression fund in solidarity with LGBTQ+ people in Poland

July 30th: As some of you may have heard, there were presidential elections in Poland on 12th July.

Russia: two activists sentenced for protest against the new law erasing trans people

July 21st: Two Russian activists, Polina Simonenko and Mila Zemtsova were sentenced by the Tverskoy District Court in Moscow yesterday for attending a picket protesting a new draft law erasing the, already limited, rights of trans people in Russia.

“Blackness anarchises anarchism” – Marquis Bey on the theory of Black anarchism

August 7th: To coincide with the release of their new book with AK Press , Anarcho-Blackness: Notes Towards a Black Anarchism, Marquis Bey sits down with Chuck Mertz from This is Hell to discuss the conceptual and historical synergies of anarchism and Blackness.

Book review: Too Much and Never Enough

August 3rd: Taking a deep dive into Mary Trump’s recent work on the political psychopathology of her US President uncle.

Pioneers of British Anarchism: Rita Milton

July 29th: After the Second World War British anarchism was left in a state of near-collapse, with Rita Milton being one of a very few people who kept the philosophy alive.

HS2- high speed high tension

August 6th: Over the last fortnight I have gone down a High Speed 2 research wormhole, sparked by the thought that I hadn’t heard much about what was going on lately with this bloated project.

Hearts of Oak- threat or a joke?

August 4th: Saturday saw the public debut of a new attempt to “unite the right”.

Liberation and Reparation: witness account from Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March

August 2nd: Yesterday saw the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March held in Brixton, London.