Freedom News

DIY in Doncaster

June 23rd: A Commune in the North (ACitN — pronounced “a kitten”) is building upon the work of the anarchist-led Bentley Urban Farm to crate new ways to meet essential needs, for both the commune and the wider local community, in order to show that capitalism isn’t the only game in town.

Arms factory invaders told they caused £1million in damage

June 19th: Palestine Action targeted Elbit subsidiary Instro Precision in Kent

Palestine Action targets Kent arms factory and Scotiabank offices in London

June 17th: Activists invaded Instro Precision, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, and blockaded a Canadian bank still investee in the Israeli arms company

Protests sweep France against far right threat

June 13th: Alarm at fascist mobilisation for Macron’s snap elections after EU Parliament surge

Nothing is over

June 11th: Prison becomes inevitable for anyone who decides to follow certain practices, but to see us exclusively as "prisoners" would be to annihilate us politically, which is exactly what power wants

South African elections: Long road to nowhere?

June 5th: Record-low turnout shows loss of faith in the ANC party-state, but popular power has yet to fill the gap

Southeast Asian anarchism: Notes from a denizen

June 4th: In the past thirty years, anarchism as well as implicitly anarchist practices have grown quite expansively in our region of the world

Racism forced me to leave teaching

June 21st: What use is an anti-racist curriculum delivered by a racist teacher?

Radical Reprint: The Ludlow Strike

June 16th: In June 1914 much of that month’s edition of Freedom was given over to a lengthy analysis in the aftermath of the Ludlow Massacre, one of the most infamous strikebreaking incidents in United States history.

Remembering Wat Tyler: Stakes are head high

June 15th: Standing up against rape, murder and repression remains at the heart of our acts of resistance

Conspiracy and interstice: Notes on the wasteland

June 20th: Struggles over vacant land defend a plurality of ungovernable uses and relationships, beneath the mechanisms of capitalist ownership and state control

Why “tax and spend” is a big lie

June 19th: Politicians assure us that their plans are 'fully funded' not because of economic constraints but to satisfy the rich

Walney report: “Democracy” without dissent

June 18th: Government’s adviser on “political violence and disruption" demonstrates how the British state machinery perceives the left in general and anarchists in particular