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Charles: the interfering royal with bags of cash and laws made just for him

July 4th: Last month I wrote about the showy jubilee celebrations and how it wouldn’t be long before the show is over, leaving us with the reality of monarchy.

The Lunatics Are Back In Town: Bringing Mad Pride Back​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

July 1st: On July 14th this year, something crazy will be happening.

Brighton: Striking pub worker assaulted by union-busting boss

June 28th: A strike by pub workers in Brighton has turned violent with the aggressive union-busting landlord, Zakaria Abedi, physically assaulting one of the striking workers on Saturday night.

London: Hundreds of Uber drivers rally to protest the company’s failure to protect workers from the cost of living crisis

June 23rd: On Wednesday, about 400 Uber drivers attended a protest and rally outside of the company’s London offices in Aldgate.

Notes from the US

June 13th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Ukraine video dispatch: The recovery in Kharkiv

June 1st: Alexis Daloumis reached the frontline city shortly after Ukrainian forces had pushed the Russian Army out of artillery range, and reports on the situation as it recovers from the assault.

Spain: Cops raid and evict Lioness social centre

May 27th: In a demonstration of repressive policing, Seville cops attacked and destroyed the squatted space on the day it opened for community use – having spent six months largely ignoring it while it was cleared and made useable.

Somebody Else Can Finish It Off: A Molotov at the Union

June 30th: Content warning for mentions of suicide If people ask me about the democratic state of the United Kingdom, I just point them now to a video of Queen Elizabeth II cutting a cake.

Antifascism, football and skinheads- Interview with ex-member of RASH NYC

June 27th: This is an interview that originally appeared in Polish in issue #1 of antifascist magazine Alerta, and recently it was translated to English by 161 Crew.

Upcoming titles on anarchism

June 26th: Across the broader anarchist and left publishing industry there’s a number of books coming out over the next few months on the subject of anarchism which may be worth keeping an eye out for.

The freedom to do as you’re told

June 21st: Ever since the RMT announced a mighty three days of strike action on the railway lines the press has gone into overdrive in condemnation, followed by its loyal social media echo chamber.

Covid: living with it

June 12th: On February 21st 2022, Boris Johnson announced the end of most Covid restrictions in England.

An anti-fascist message from the shadows of Central and Eastern Europe

June 8th: In this long read Czech Antifa explain their perspective on the Ukrainian conflict, critique primarily Western logics surrounding much of the debate which has emerged, and address what they see as forms of colonial hangover which have hamstrung responses to Russian imperialism.