Our alternative to Putin is the abolition of the presidency: a statement from Autonomous Action

February 26th: Mass protests in early 2021 show that the authoritarian regime of Putin and his billionaire friends is no longer agreeable with a significant part of Russian society.

Northumberland: Alnwick Community Larder forced to close following ‘vandalism’ allegation

February 21st: Alnwick is a town of around 8,000 people in north Northumberland.

Base and Roses Raise Money for Penally Camp Residents

February 14th: Bristol mutual aid group Base and Roses are raising money for asylum seekers currently housed in Penally Camp in Wales.

Union takes multinational language school to tribunal in case challenging precarious employment

February 10th: The TEFL Workers’ Union (a section of the IWW) has filed for a tribunal to support English language teachers who suffered financial loss as a result of Kaplan International’s use of rolling fixed-term contracts.

Notes from the US

February 16th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Russian anarcho-syndicalists: ‘Neither Navalny nor Putin’

February 6th: KRAS, a section of anarchist international the IWA, has come out swinging against the false choice of a right-wing bigot or a murderous autocrat posed by recent protests — in the following statement the group explains why.

Spain: antifascist rapper to serve prison sentence for ‘insulting the crown’

February 5th: On Sunday 7th February, Spanish police are due to arrest rapper Pablo Hasél.

Hidden exposures: coercion and COVID-19 in the office

February 23rd: George, 24, is having to go to work at a small London office during the pandemic, despite being able work from home.

Kropotkin: Syndicalism and Anarchism

February 22nd: The following long read first appeared in Freedom’s July and August issues in 1912, as the Great Unrest was in full swing.

Kropotkin: The Permanence of Society After the Revolution

February 20th: Continuing our multi-part series marking the 100th anniversary of the death of Peter Kropotkin, this October 1890 article considers how to avoid the curdling of a revolutionary mindset over the long haul of social change.

Greek Horror:
 How an Epstein level paedophile scandal could connect to the first time in Greek history that a political prisoner dies of hunger strike

February 23rd: CW: mentions of child sexual abuse.

Camps of the Economy and the Freedom in Dying

February 19th: The nefarious Daily Mail back in early May last year described the legitimate concerns of many people, including among its own readership, about a premature return to work as ‘coronophobia’!  This word implies that people’s real fears for their own safety in a life-threatening pandemic which had already caused by that date at least 143,

Movements First, Solutions Later

February 18th: Netpol’s Kevin Blowe argues that Britain’s nascent abolitionist movement needs to focus its energy into long-term grassroots organising, not top-down academic debate.