Notes from the USA

November 18th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Oxford: students mobilise to oppose Steve Bannon talk

November 15th: Following the news that former Chief Strategist to President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, is to speak at the Oxford Union on Friday 16th November, students are mobilising to oppose the meeting with the white supremacist celebrity.

Squatters digest- low tide: next comes the flood

November 14th: Welcome to the Squatter’s Digest, a new column for Freedom News, highlighting the ongoings of the squat scene in London and beyond, along with providing opinions on the politics of said goings-on.

London: callout for solidarity with Russian Anti-Fascists

November 1st: We are an ad-hoc collective of anti-fascists in London who want to organise a solidarity event to support anti-fascists in Russia on 19th January.

Iran: court sentences 15 workers to prison and flogging for striking

November 12th: Fifteen workers of the Heavy Equipment Production Company (HEPCO) were sentenced to prison and flogging in Iran.

Polish president and PM set to join fascist march in Warsaw

November 10th: Tens of thousands of nationalists and fascists from all over Europe plan to march tomorrow in Warsaw to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Polish state independence.

Israel lawmakers to debate death penalty for Palestinian ‘terrorists’

November 6th: Israel’s parliament is plannig to renew a debate next week on a bill that would make it easier to sentence Palestinians to death, Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said today.

Small is ugly: the uncomfortable anti-authoritarian micro-politics of egalitarian foragers

November 17th: This text explores the problem of  emergence of authoritarianism within groups on the radical left.

On expropriation of land

November 16th: In the discussion after the presentation at the Anarchist Communist Group hosted Land and Liberty meeting at the London Radical Bookfair on Saturday 2nd June 2018, a question was raised by one of the attendees about the expropriation of land.

Piracy by the Mayor Of London

October 27th: What if we told you that Sadiq Khan, the elected Mayor Of London, has been willfully abusing his power in public office by illegally evicting a legitimate company from its premises, illegally taking over its businesses, administration office, plant machinery and equipment, and hijacking a marina and boatyard, only to hand it all over to

Why and how Trump is about to get worse than ever

November 9th: I didn’t stay up all night awaiting news of the US mid-term elections but I did take a look at the results when I got up.

Its not funny but it’s a joke: London’s housing activists

November 7th: At the weekend I attended the March for Homes, this was called by five of the council estates that are under threat of demolition in London.

Shared Destiny, Common Struggle: Kurds and Turkish-Cypriots

November 3rd: Turkish political, diplomatic and military muscle is a stark reality of the geopolitical map of South-East Europe, Anatolia and the Middle East.