I Watched Dominic Cummings Give Yet Another Talk About How Clever He Is

June 7th: Before Dominic Cummings displayed great villainy in a rose garden – like Donald Sutherland in the Hunger Games before him –  myself and many others had already begun to suss out that this man, this bald man seen standing ominously behind Boris’ shoulder like a vulture looming over a dying buffalo, might not be as

Calling All Creatives (who are less talented than me)

April 8th: Believe it or not, this actually happened and it actually was the BBC operating this snake-oil wagon, but with less oblique references to cocaine.

I got de-escalated by XR and then the police evicted them 

October 22nd: Dear all at XR!

Freedom exclusive: 1,312 undercover anarchists discovered within Metropolitan Police

April 1st: Last week the Undercover Policing Inquiry revealed that, since at least the 1970s, anarchists have been infiltrating London Metropolitan Police.

The free speech article Spiked Online didn’t carry today

September 20th: Theresa May announced yesterday that web firms could get just two hours to take down “terrorist content” or face fines — our esteemed editor of poorly-conceived ranting Brandon the Gnoll has the latest hot take.

British Hospitality

October 20th: Joseph walked up to the front door of Number Seven with some foreboding.

freedom mark

Bone Gets Peace Prize

October 24th: Veteran peacenik and leading pointyhead thinker Ian Bone has received the Anarchist Peace Prize.