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Capitalism, big pharma, and the pandemic

October 8th: Blocking the TRIPS waiver In October 2020 India and South Africa submitted a proposal to the TRIPS Council of the World Trade organisation for a waiver of certain intellectual property rights for covid-19 vaccines.

Upcoming titles on anarchism

June 26th: Across the broader anarchist and left publishing industry there’s a number of books coming out over the next few months on the subject of anarchism which may be worth keeping an eye out for.

This is queer breadtube: 6 youtubers to stuff your void with

May 31st: George F presents a selection of essential queer anarchist creators from Youtube.

Manchester’s Persons Unknown Festival blasts back into action

May 19th: Persons Unknown Festival returned after a 3-year break to the same venue it used for it's inauguration back in 2019.

Review: Deep Adaptation – Navigating the Realities of Climate Chaos

March 11th: Trigger warnings for eschatology, despair, grief, climate chaos, near-term societal collapse.

Review: Post-Internet Far Right

January 9th: The creators of the essential antifascist podcast 12 Rules For What?

COP21: a retrospective on the eco-war

November 4th: e flashback 5 years to a very different yet very familiar scenario that took place in Paris during the declared state of emergency.

Dunkirk Jungle: A comic about life behind the UK border

March 16th: This new illustrated work from Junk Comix offers a glimpse of the difficulties faced by people who are being pushed from pillar to post by authorities in both France and England.

Review: Tracksuits, Trauma & Class Traitors

March 4th: Tracksuits, Traumas and Class Traitors D Hunter Lumpen, 2020 ISBN: 978-1-83805-904-0 Review by George F “Content warning: throughout this book there are references to sexual violence, racism both interpersonal and institutional, gendered violence both physical, psychological and verbal, various forms of physical violence, suicide, drug usage, transphobia, suicide and police brutality.” My own 2021 exploded

Analysis of Law, Legitimacy, Violence and Solidarity in Jack Womack’s Random Acts of Senseless Violence

January 9th: With reference to critical legal studies and Marxist/Anarchist legal theories, and via a law and literature framework, I hope to analyse Jack Womack’s seminal 1993 sci-fi novel Random Acts of Senseless Violence.