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The Anarchists of Dune

April 14th: Frank Herbert, the author of Dune, lived the happiest parts of his childhood in a failed socialist colony called Burley, located along the Salish Sea near the city of Tacoma, Washington.

Surrealism and anarchism, past and present

April 13th: Surrealists attempted to unify art, anti-authoritarian resistance, mutual aid, and conscious living

Colin Ward: Everyday Anarchy, the documentary

January 26th: We discover that anarchy is not – as it is commonly understood – simply about a lack of power or authority but is instead a highly complex theory of organisation.

Capitalism, big pharma, and the pandemic

October 8th: Blocking the TRIPS waiver In October 2020 India and South Africa submitted a proposal to the TRIPS Council of the World Trade organisation for a waiver of certain intellectual property rights for covid-19 vaccines.

Upcoming titles on anarchism

June 26th: Across the broader anarchist and left publishing industry there’s a number of books coming out over the next few months on the subject of anarchism which may be worth keeping an eye out for.

This is queer breadtube: 6 youtubers to stuff your void with

May 31st: George F presents a selection of essential queer anarchist creators from Youtube.

Manchester’s Persons Unknown Festival blasts back into action

May 19th: Persons Unknown Festival returned after a 3-year break to the same venue it used for it's inauguration back in 2019.

Review: Deep Adaptation – Navigating the Realities of Climate Chaos

March 11th: Trigger warnings for eschatology, despair, grief, climate chaos, near-term societal collapse.

Review: Post-Internet Far Right

January 9th: The creators of the essential antifascist podcast 12 Rules For What?

COP21: a retrospective on the eco-war

November 4th: e flashback 5 years to a very different yet very familiar scenario that took place in Paris during the declared state of emergency.