Freedom News

Palestinian detainees “have lost hands or feet”

April 17th: Innocent Gazans face torture and death in Israeli detention camps.

Russian Anarchist “will finish tenth grade in pre-trial detention”

April 16th: Lyubov Lizunova is accused of terrorism for a "Death to the Regime" graffiti and "approving" the arson of military recruitment offices

Palestine Action blockades Elbit’s Instro Precision

April 15th: Direct action has again halted production at Instro, a subsidiary of Israel's largest weapons company, Elbit Systems, preventing all entry.

7 day picket of US Embassy begins

April 15th: The protest is inspired by the non-stop picket held outside the South African Embassy in London from 1986 until Mandela's release in February 1990.

“Why we squatted Gordon Ramsay’s pub”

April 14th: Freedom received this statement from the Camden Art Cafe squatters who have liberated Gordon Ramsay's York and Albany Hotel restaurant in Camden:

Palestine Action blockade Elbit’s Leicester drone factory

April 11th: U-TacS is majority owned by Elbit Systems, Israel's largest arms manufacturer, and partially owned by French arms company Thales.

Jury acquits Palestine Actionist of ‘possession with intent’

April 11th: Despite being permitted no defences and having admitted their intention to throw the items - eggs filled with red paint and ketchup - at a building, the acquittal took only one hour's deliberation.

Palestine Action targets ADS Group and Avnet

April 11th: ADS Group, Avnet, and EBV Elektronik all profit from working with Israel's largest weapons firm, Elbit Systems.

Mercedes-Benz blockaded in Bremen, Germany

April 9th: We blocked the loading station where new Mercedes-Benz cars are loaded onto trains.

Oregon forest defenders launch tree top sit

April 8th: Amid climbing global temperatures and increasingly severe forest fires, protesters say that continuing logging is unacceptable, especially in carbon-dense and fire-resistant old growth forests.