A Person Related to the Ripper Museum Awarded Labour Party LGBTQ Lead Advisor Post

November 24th: Linda Riley was awarded the post of Labour Party LGBTQ Lead Advisor.

Judge extends swingeing injunction barring fracking protests against Ineos

November 23rd: Environmental activists were heavily restricted at or banned from seven sites belonging to frack firm Ineos today, along with the surrounding roads.

Spycop inquiry preliminary hearing opens

November 20th: Anger was rising as the Undercover Policing Inquiry began its preliminary hearing today, with spycop victims left incredulous over introductory notes by chair John Mitting which they said were effectively him “choosing to fail”.

Yarl’s Wood and Dungavel detention centres besieged

November 18th: Two migrant removal centres were surrounded by crowds today demanding that the facilities, which have repeatedly been exposed as substandard and dangerous, be shut down and proper support offered to the often vulnerable people inside.

Protest takes London Mayor to task on climate promises

November 16th: Mayor’s Question Time was occupied by protesters this morning, who confronted Sadiq Khan for skipping out on election pledges to found a fuel energy utility for London and divest the city pension fund from fossil fuels.

Jayda Fransen of Britain First Attends National Radical March in Poland

November 12th: Yesterday Poland celebrated its Independence Day.

London Bookfair ‘won’t happen in 2018’

November 10th: Following a confrontation at this year’s London Anarchist Bookfair sparked by two people handing out anti-trans leaflets, and a subsequent online firestorm, the Bookfair organisers have released two statements on what happened, announcing they will not be holding one in 2018.

Lorry surfing farmer takes on Third Energy at Kirby Misperton

November 9th: A local lorry-surfer provided the latest disruption to Third Energy today as the fracking front line remains febrile at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire.

Unity Centre looks to surround Dungavel removal centre

November 6th: Migration rights organisers in Glasgow are looking to raise the last donations for a solidarity noise demonstration  at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre on November 18th.

Class War vs the Ripper Museum

November 5th: As part of their ongoing campaign against the Jack the Ripper museum in  London, the Class War Women’s Death Brigade was back at its Cable Street building to call for its closure.