Boat dwellers protest new “Safety Zones” proposal aimed at gentrification of waterways

April 20th: Last Saturday, Broxbourne’s Canal in Hertfordshire was filled with a flotilla of boats, all protesting against Canal and River Trust’s (CRT) absurd and falsely named new ‘Safety Zones’ proposal.

London: Protesters gather outside Home Office to demand halt of deportation of Osime Brown

April 16th: Around 50 people gathered outside the Home Office in London this afternoon to demand the halt of the deportation of Osime Brown.

Over the Water, Sparks Fly

April 14th: Following on from reports of pickets at Hinckley Point in Somerset against deskilling by construction firms, the Liverpool Anarchist newsletter looks further at that and linked protests which have been taking place 200 miles to the north.

All seven London Ratp bus depots now backing strikes

April 6th: With drivers at Stamford Brook and Hounslow Heath voting to join industrial action against a real-terms pay cut, the company is facing serious trouble in South and West London.

Construction rank and file blockades Hinkley Point against de-skilling

April 2nd: Along with the ongoing protests against the Policing Bill, the past month has seen another, less high-profile struggle playing out across the UK, as electricians and other construction workers have mounted a campaign against employers trying to de-skill their trade.

Deliveroo workers to strike over exploitative practices and low pay

March 28th: Hundreds of Deliveroo riders from across the UK are expected to strike in an action to coincide with the company’s IPO valuation, taking place on the 7th of April.

Bristol cops quietly admit no officers suffered broken bones at Sunday’s Kill the Bill protest

March 25th: Yesterday, Avon and Somerset police quietly admitted that no officers suffered broken bones during Sunday’s Kill The Bill protest.

Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime threatens illegal eviction against squatters protesting police violence

March 23rd: The Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime has threatened an illegal eviction against squatters currently occupying the former Cavendish Road police station in Clapham Common.

Reports from the Everard and Policing Bill protests

March 18th: Including reports from correspondents on the ground, Freedom rounds up five days of women standing against male violence and police impunity – even as the Tories rush through draconian new powers cracking down on our right to demonstrate.

Overkill on Gloucester Road: Bristol occupation evicted

March 11th: A massive bailiff operation backed by police ended the occupation of a landmark building in Bristol yesterday after two months of operation.