Preston New Road anti-fracking protectors evicted in dawn bailiff attack

November 19th: In the early hours of this morning New Hope protectors camp near Preston New Road, Lancashire was swarmed by bailiffs and police in a coordinated raid reportedly named ‘Operation Blackpool’.

London: Kier AGM disrupted by anti-prison expansion protestors

November 16th: Protestors against prison expansion have disrupted the Kier AGM, hanging banners, chanting and releasing alarms attached to helium balloons.

The Tory legacy: a lost decade and over 130,000 deaths through austerity

November 15th: Since 2001 around 100 people have been killed by terrorists in the UK.

Fighting for £15: A McStrike Day Report

November 13th: Workers at six McDonald’s restaurants in South London walked out yesterday to demand £15 an hour for workers of all ages, as well as guaranteed hours and official recognition of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU).

Legal: The Tories want to give the police more power to evict and arrest trespassers on land

November 6th: It is with absolutely no pleasure that we report that Britain’s poundshop Duterte, Priti Patel, is well and truly at it again.

Spook your bosses: A Halloween report from the cleaners’ picket line

November 2nd: One day, five strikes and seven pickets — our man on the ground reports cleaners have been frightening the great and the good with demands for better pay and conditions.

Brief thoughts on yesterday’s antifascist demo in London

November 1st: Respect to everyone who organised the antifascist demo in London last night and to everyone who turned out.

Bookfair 2020 secures venue and announces dates

November 1st: The Bookfair 2020 organising collective announced yesterday that they have secured a venue and set a date for the next year’s event.

Reading: closed down pub re-opens as Kobanî House social space

October 31st: The closed Red Lion pub in Reading was reopened and renamed ‘Kobanî House’ in solidarity with Rojava.

The British general election of 2019 finally begins

October 31st: As mentioned in a recent column and throughout Brexit, the divisions in the UK on membership of the European Union is a Conservative Party issue that the public was invited to get itself embroiled in.