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Private hire drivers oppose discriminatory English language test policy from Transport for London

August 19th: Private hire drivers from the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) are condemning the Transport for London (TfL) policy that requires workers to pass two English language tests to be allowed to work in London.

Palestine Action forces Elbit landlord to abandon Birmingham offices

August 18th: Inside sources, as well as activists monitoring the site, have confirmed to Palestine Action that real estate giant Fisher German, an accomplice in Elbit war crimes, have been forced to abandon their Harborne office ‘Vine Property Management‘.

Immigration raids blocked in Leeds and Manchester

August 14th: In the year and a bit since the iconic resistance that stopped an immigration raid in Glasgow’s Kenmure Street, mass resistance to raids seems to have spread, with Edinburgh, Dalston and Peckham being three recent examples.

UK: Coordinated wildcat action hits oil refineries and power stations

August 11th: As anger at the cost of living crisis heats up, strike action, including unofficial wildcat walkouts, is becoming an increasingly popular response.

This Is Not A Drill: activists target fossil fuels research facilities in Cambridge

August 9th: Activists operating under the banner of “This Is Not A Drill” have begun a direct action campaign against Cambridge-based research facilities with lucrative connections to the fossil fuel industry.

Five arrested after disrupting British production of Israeli weapons

August 5th: Palestine Action activists have once again turned to Israeli weapons company Elbit Systems’ (Israel’s largest arms company) UAV Engines LTD., an important component in the company’s British operations and manufacture of military UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Direct action stops eviction in Manchester

August 2nd: Last week, an attempted eviction in Whalley Range, Manchester, was blocked by collective action.

Urgent call for solidarity action: Anarchist prisoner Giannis Michailidis enters 68th day of hunger strike and is in a dire health condition

July 29th: Giannis Michailidis is an anarchist prisoner in Greece who has been on hunger strike since 23rd May.

Making Mad History: Mad Pride 2022

July 29th: A month ago, we wrote for Freedom about the history of Mad Pride, and how we’re bringing it back in 2022 and well, we, all of us, did exactly that.

London: Met police apologises and pays compensation for arrest of UVW official

July 26th: The Met issued a written apology and paid £3,000 in compensation to Franck Magennis, a barrister at Garden Court chambers and former head of UVW’s legal department, for arresting him while on a picket line outside the St George’s University Hospital in south London on January 13 2020.