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The Lunatics Are Back In Town: Bringing Mad Pride Back​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

July 1st: On July 14th this year, something crazy will be happening.

Brighton: Striking pub worker assaulted by union-busting boss

June 28th: A strike by pub workers in Brighton has turned violent with the aggressive union-busting landlord, Zakaria Abedi, physically assaulting one of the striking workers on Saturday night.

London: Hundreds of Uber drivers rally to protest the company’s failure to protect workers from the cost of living crisis

June 23rd: On Wednesday, about 400 Uber drivers attended a protest and rally outside of the company’s London offices in Aldgate.

Elbit have left the building: Palestine Action permanently closes down the company’s London HQ

June 21st: In the same week that two Palestine Activists were released from prison after a month on remand in Eastwood Park prison and HMP Bristol respectively, Palestine Action successfully and permanently closed down the HQ of Elbit in central London.

Palestine Action political prisoners released from prison after one month

June 16th: Nine activists from Palestine Action pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal damage and burglary, at Bristol Crown Court on 15th June 2022.

BREAKING: ‘No more racist deportations’: Stop Deportations protesters block first Rwanda deportation

June 14th: Protesters blocked immigration detention centres and a coach transporting five asylum seekers for deportation to Rwanda.

Palestine Action occupy Acronic factory in Birmingham in solidarity with Grenfell and Palestine

June 14th: On Monday morning, Palestine Action activists returned to the Arconic factory in Birmingham.

Sex workers union launches appeal to fund legal fight against strip club bans

June 9th: United Sex Workers (USW) is trying to raise £20,000 to fund a judicial review of Edinburgh City Council’s strip club ban.

Couriers rally against police harassment after Dalston raids

May 26th: Crowds turned out in support of the protest in Hackney, London, yesterday which saw couriers call on the Met police to rethink their aggressive overpolicing strategy.

XR blockades private jet airport ahead of Davos talks

May 21st: The action this morning, targeting business tycoons flying out of Farnborough, aimed to highlight the environmental damage being done by privileged groups generating vast amounts of pollution for the sake of luxury travel.