Activists opposing arms fair hit with police raids

October 15th: Police have conducted 6 raids on activists opposing the AOC 2021 Liverpool Arms Fair, according to direct action and solidarity group Palestine Action.

Temporary Autonomous Arts celebrates 20th anniversary

October 14th: Welcome back Temporary Autonomous Arts - not so temporary after all!

It ain’t over ’til it’s Wendover: Eviction begins on anti HS2 fortress in Buckinghamshire

October 13th: Wendover Active Resistance camp, part of the ongoing direct action campaign against white elephant and eco-atrocity HS2, was surrounded by around a hundred bailiffs, HS2 security and specialist eviction teams in the early hours of Sunday morning (10th October).

Priti Fascist: Another civil liberties crackdown announced

October 7th: Another Tory party conference, another round of law ‘n’ order announcements.

Cleaners at Facebook’s London offices to vote on the possibility of strike action

October 6th: While Facebook has been in the news recently for their massive server crash, along with a number of other embarrassing stories connected to a whistleblower speaking out and leaking internal documents, their London offices are also the site of a much more old-fashioned class struggle.

IWA-AIT call for International Week Against Unpaid Wages

October 5th: The International Workers’ Association – Asociación Internacional de los Trabajadores (IWA-AIT) called for International Week Against Unpaid Wages, to take place in the third week of October.

Cleaners protest outside London Elizabeth Hotel over withheld furlough wages

October 4th: Last Saturday, cleaners from the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) protested outside of the London Elizabeth Hotel in Hyde Park after the London Elizabeth Hotel and outsourced company PRIDEGREEN repeatedly failed to pay them their furlough wages.  One cleaner, Mildre was forced to resign in May 2021 due to the lack of payment.

Key worker couriers to protest Ocado over appalling treatment and poverty pay

September 29th: On Thursday couriers who served as key workers for Ocado through the height of the pandemic will demonstrate at the Ocado Zoom depot in Acton from 1pm to protest poverty pay and poor treatment by the ‘ethical food company’.

Facebook cleaners fight back against overwork and victimisation

September 24th: Throughout the last few months, cleaners at Facebook’s London offices have been fighting back against an attempt to drastically increase their workload, after the number of floors they had to clean during a shift was doubled with no increase in staffing levels.

HS2 set for high court showdown with W.A.R Camp

September 23rd: The last major protector camp in the Chilterns against the government’s struggling High Speed Rail project scored a victory yesterday as it emerged constructors would be forced to the High Court to argue their case for an eviction order.