Callout for submissions: help fundraise for Mutual Aid groups

March 22nd: A number of groups have come together to help get funds for the COVID- 19 Mutual Aid groups which have formed in the past week in the UK.

Prison Makes Us Sick!: A message from London Anarchist Black Cross

March 20th: In this moment of not knowing what’s coming next, the failure of this system is more and more clear: a world wired for ever-growing speed, circulation, and productivity, suddenly has to stop.

London: Eviction Of The Pie ‘N’ Mash Squat Cafe – We Must Push For No Evictions In This Crisis!

March 18th: London squatted cafe and social centre Pie ‘N’ Mash was evicted this morning.

SOAS management tricked cleaners into exposing themselves to COVID-19

March 17th: With an already extensive repertoire of exploitation, the cleaners at SOAS have exposed yet another instance of management’s discriminatory and negligent behaviour.

Local councils are already trying to sabotage the mutual aid networks

March 16th: With the UK’s Covid-19 situation worsening at an exponential rate, you’d have hoped local government officials spent their weekends productively: drafting up plans to suspend rent payments for council tenants, for example, and putting pressure on local landlords to do the same.

COVID-19 UK Mutual Aid groups: a list

March 13th:  As the global COVID-19 pandemic is upon us, a number of mutual aid groups have started forming across the country.  The groups aim at providing community support to those who are more at risk from the virus: be it help with running errands or cooking.

Report On International Women’s Day, London

March 10th: London, March 8th: International Women’s Day An estimated 2000 people gathered to reclaim the heart of the city of London as part of the Women’s Strike, collectively assembling to refuse work and join in international solidarity against the current conditions of womanhood.

Strip club dancers celebrate after employment tribunal victory

March 6th: Strippers union UVW and sex worker advocacy group Decrim Now are celebrating after a judge at an employment tribunal ruled that dancers in London strip clubs Browns and Horns have worker status.

Free Kevan Thakrar – End solitary confinement in the UK!

March 5th: On Monday 9th March, the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) have called a protest outside the Royal College of Psychiatrists to mark the 10 years that IWOC member Kevan Thakrar has spent in Close Supervision Centres within the British prison system.

Call for action: Women’s Strike 2020

March 4th: Each year on International Women’s Day,  millions of women worldwide go on strike.