Boat dwellers protest new “Safety Zones” proposal aimed at gentrification of waterways

Last Saturday, Broxbourne’s Canal in Hertfordshire was filled with a flotilla of boats, all protesting against Canal and River Trust’s (CRT) absurd and falsely named new ‘Safety Zones’ proposal. The protest attracted boaters from all over the London region and beyond, including representatives from Broxbourne’s own Cruising Club. A ‘towpath protest’ of boaters and non-boaters

All seven London Ratp bus depots now backing strikes

With drivers at Stamford Brook and Hounslow Heath voting to join industrial action against a real-terms pay cut, the company is facing serious trouble in South and West London. The row has been rumbling on since 2019, when London United, a subsidiary of transport giant Ratp which is contracted to TfL for routes across large parts of

In the wake of police violence we must say, abolish the police!

Spring is here! It’s a bank holiday weekend! The lockdown has very slightly been relaxed! No wonder people can’t wait to get out and enjoy themselves. But when the Met go on Easter Parade it’s very different. Hundreds of people get attacked with batons and shields, pepper sprayed and kettled. At yesterday’s Kill the Bill

When Everywoman is all bush natural

I am sure there are feminists, folk who identify as women, folk who love women, historians, experts that are examining the Everywoman statue in detail. There are stories in the news rethinking and expanding our understanding of what Mary Wollstonecraft stood for. And yet the only thing I hate about the statue of Mary Wollstonecraft

It’s not an illegal eviction, it’s a legal resistance

Archway squatters successfully resist an illegal eviction attempt by infamous Stamford Hill slumlords, corrupt security and incompetent cops. DATELINE 14TH OCTOBER 2020, NORTH LONDON, UK. Activists, squatters and community members successfully resisted an illegal eviction attempt at a 2-year old squat in North London this Wednesday night. A call-out was made on the No Evictions

Liberation and Reparation: witness account from Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March

Yesterday saw the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March held in Brixton, London. The annual event commemorates the passing of the Abolition of Slavery Act 1833 and calls for reparations for African nations and descendants of slaves. By the Slave Compensation Act 1837, slave owners were paid large sums of money, however, nothing was offered to

Diary of a Squat: free audiobook

Diary Of A Squat (1989) Written by Jean Delarue Read by Dorothy Spencer and Carl Cattermole We loved this very rare and beautiful book so much that we made it into a free audiobook. Jean Delarue wrote this diary during his time spent at an autonomous squat operated by people who were homeless during Thatcher’s