Freedom News

Radical Reprint: The French Anarchist Conference

September 17th: One of the most useful aspects of sometimes dry reports from gatherings is the snapshot of otherwise amorphous movements — in this case, the French syndicalists and anarchists of 1913.

Radical Reprint: The Labour War in South Africa

August 20th: A historical tale in which South African miners strike while Herbert Gladstone fiddles.

Radical Reprint: The Land and the Labourer

July 23rd: The July 1913 issue of Freedom features a lengthy article hooked on a major strike of agricultural workers in Ormskirk

Radical Reprint: Image of an alternate past

June 25th: A speculative work by two prominent French anarcho-syndicalists, Emile Pouget and Emile Pataud, Syndicalism and the Co-operative Commonwealth (How We Shall Bring about the Revolution)

My arresting experience the day Prince Charles came to town

May 6th: Charles Windsor has form for pre-emptively arresting people who would spoil his parties.

Radical reprint: The Napoli revolt of 1913

March 20th: On a cold day in the wake of a war, starving Italian citizens wanted to put up a poster against raised tariffs but were told to hop it by the government – which in short order was faced with 100,000 protesters and severe rioting.

The Tsar shivered, but not from the cold.

February 5th: In the first weeks of 1913 Russian revolutionary activity, never truly suppressed for all the violence and vindictiveness of the regime, burst once again onto the public stage.

France and the anarchist general strike of 1912

December 11th: Much of the December 1912 issue of Freedom was given over to a celebration of its star writer Peter Kropotkin’s 70th birthday celebrations.

Long struggle: The IWA at 100

December 4th: Founded in 1922, the International Workers’ Association (IWA) is celebrating its centenary this month.

Syndicalism – a working-class conception of socialism

November 18th: Taking a look into the archives of Freedom in November 1912 as a wave of militant, non-hierarchical trade unionism reached its high water mark.