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Autism and anarchy: The importance of autistic anarchism

April 10th: Anarchism, for me, is just the name for a kind of politics that never stops being messy and never stops listening to personal and collective desires, no matter how unreasonable they seem.

John Sinclair (1941-2024)

April 9th: Detroit poet, author, legalisation campaigner, manager of the MC5 rock band, White Panther Party co-founder, and early Fifth Estate writer

Introducing our new AI columnist: AnarchyGPT

April 1st: After many iterations, tireless tweaking of prompts, and splicing with our own home-grown algorithm, we are glad to present our new AI columnist.

Transgender Day of Visibility 2024 – Honouring voices

March 31st: In terms of the history of the transgender and gender non-conforming community, there have been centuries of resilience, struggle, and triumph in the face of societal norms and prejudices.

Autism and anarchy: Real autistic community is a class community

March 30th: Ablism is rooted in the fact that it delivers for some people, that it gathers energy unto itself and uses this like a squatting parasite to reproduce itself.

The herbal solidarity project resisting state oppression

March 22nd: Freedom introduces its new PROFILE category, where we will focus on people or organisations; we begin with activist Nicole Rose.

Autism and anarchy: Self diagnosis is community diagnosis

March 20th: This is all informed by my anarchist perspective but the arguments I'm making should be clear to anyone who wants human liberation.

A Mayday in Paris

March 17th: How the City of Lights reveals the strength and potential of anarchist organisation against police repression.

Notes from the US: The union’s state

March 14th: Louis Further rounds up news from across the pond.

Confessions of a communard: Cultivating comrade connections

March 2nd: We want to create a solidarity economy that provides for both the commune and the wider working class community where we make our home.