Sophia Kropotkin (and a trip to Hartlepool)

September 18th: Notes and an extract on the life of an under-researched figure of revolutionary Europe.

Notes from the US (August edition part 2)

August 30th: The last ‘Notes from the US’ dealt with the latest developments in the pandemic in detail.

32 people from Afghanistan are currently imprisoned by armed guards on Poland-Belarus border

August 22nd: In this episode of Freedom’s informal series “The Fuckeries of Poland“, we will discuss the plight of a group of people from Afghanistan currently stuck on the Polish-Belarusian border.

The Met spychief who infiltrated Freedom Press: a memory

August 21st: Freedom, among many other left organisations, was targeted by the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) multiple times over the years, most notably by senior officer Roger “Thorley” Pearce.

This border kills! One person dead and one feared missing at sea after shipwreck last Thursday

August 18th: Last Thursday an Eritrean man died after he was recovered from the Channel when the boat he and others were traveling to the UK on sank.

All of the legwork, none of the power

August 17th: Mutual aid is essentially a straightforward idea, or at least, it’s straightforward enough as we apply it at Mutual Aid Alnwick.

Why the abuse of benefit claimants is hurting all workers

August 11th: “I would have quit this job months ago, but I’d be sanctioned by the Jobcentre”.

It starts in schools- how young people are consistently failed as victims of discrimination and sexual assault, and how it carries into adulthood.

August 3rd: CW: descriptions of discrimination and sexual assault Featured in this article are quotes from a survey I conducted among peers about types of discrimination they faced in school.

The Menshevik’s Pants: Es lebe die Freiheit!

July 26th: | CW: Contains a non-graphic instance of sexual assault | Dear Prisoner, “I fell in love – completely and with passionate sincerity – with the idea of revolution.”

Review: Guide to Every City

July 15th: Writer: Efe Levent Artist: Alaa Alhassoun Guide to Every CityMangal MediaISBN: 6057034821 Guide to Every City is a thorough picture of the perennial Every City from the perspective of a fictional Every Travel Writer.