Freedom News

Notes from the US

July 14th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

On interventionism: Considering No War But the Class War

July 10th: The war in Ukraine has raised a sometimes heated discussion on one of socialism’s most potent slogans: No War But The Class War.

Somebody Else Can Finish It Off: A Molotov at the Union

June 30th: Content warning for mentions of suicide If people ask me about the democratic state of the United Kingdom, I just point them now to a video of Queen Elizabeth II cutting a cake.

Antifascism, football and skinheads- Interview with ex-member of RASH NYC

June 27th: This is an interview that originally appeared in Polish in issue #1 of antifascist magazine Alerta, and recently it was translated to English by 161 Crew.

Upcoming titles on anarchism

June 26th: Across the broader anarchist and left publishing industry there’s a number of books coming out over the next few months on the subject of anarchism which may be worth keeping an eye out for.

Two Poll Taxes and One King’s Head: wishing you a Happy Wat Tyler Day

June 15th: At the beginning of June we witnessed a sickening bout of ‘sycophantasia’, with what Jon Bigger described as “four days of union flag bunting, […] media hype and wall to wall news coverage, reminding us that we still suffer the monarchy.”

The Commune and the Balkans: The Case of Bulgaria

June 6th: If we are to try to identify some of the most important aspects of the history of the Balkans, we cannot but point out the persistent vision of a surprisingly consistent utopia…~Andrej Grubacic The Commune, as a political form, was a reoccurring theme within Bulgaria’s liberatory movement that fought against the Ottoman Empire, suggesting that

Spain: They evict community spaces to give them away to speculators

June 5th: Todo Por Hacer rounds up some of the occupied social centres (commonly known as CSOs) in and around Madrid – and the battles these spaces been fighting with speculative capital.

50 years ago: The Trial of the Stoke Newington Eight

May 30th: The Angry Brigade was one of the most famous and controversial phenomenons of the 1970s.

Radical reprint: Wait! Wait! Wait!

May 28th: In 1932, a Freedom Bulletin was produced which took aim at the state of the economic crisis in Britain, calling on workers to cease listening to the lies of the political class — it almost could have been written yesterday.