Welcome to the Mutual Millenium

January 8th: One of the fundamental differences between anarchists and authoritarians (both left and right) is that anarchists believe in people.

Prisons in Argentina: a long-term abandonment

December 31st: “Between 1776 and 1800, during the first decades of the Viceroyalty of Río de La Plata, the prison population varied between 33 and 130 prisoners.

Betraying Anarchy? Xin Shiji & The Four Elders

December 18th: Today there is often a great deal of discussion about what makes (or inversely, what does not make) someone an anarchist.

Save Sinjajevina: Herders and activists protect unique Montenegrin pastures from military occupation

December 12th: After a mobile blockade lasting almost two months, a small group of traditional herders and activists has successfully repelled NATO and the Montenegrin military’s efforts to occupy the territory of Sinjajevina in Montenegro – the largest mountain grassland in the Balkans and the second in Europe.

Carrying the war into Africa? Anarchism, Morocco, and the Spanish Civil War

November 30th: This is Part Two of the text Freedom published last week.

Carrying the war into Africa? Anarchism, Morocco, and the Spanish Civil War

November 23rd: I was approached by Jeff Stein to write up a summary of Abel Paz, La cuestión de Marruecos y la República española so that English-language readers might be made aware of the Spanish anarchist approach to Morocco during the civil war.

Don’t despair, organise!: Affinity Collective

November 19th: Immense urban belts are encroaching unrelentingly on the countryside, replacing flora and fauna with concrete, metal and glass, and enveloping large regions in a haze of atmospheric pollutants.

Mainstream publishers are vampires

November 17th: Mainstream publishers are vampires.

History: Bolsheviks shooting anarchists

October 29th: The following is the letter from Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman on the persecution of anarchists under the bolshevik rule in Soviet Russia.

Voice from the frontline: Brazil’s antifa firefighters

October 17th: As record-breaking wildfires rage in the rainforest a member of the newly-formed Autonomous Brigade writes for Freedom about its defence of affected people, animals and the environment.