The Social Centre Bulletin: Raise the roof!

July 17th: The second instalment of this new column for Freedom News, which aims to support and publicise what’s happening at radical social centres around Britain.

On the possibility of a Rainbow

July 16th:  ‘The Rainbow in Jordan is a microcosm of our issues in the region.’Lioness was speaking to me in a shisha café-restaurant in the upscale Amman neighbourhood of Jebel Lwebdeh.

Pioneers of British anarchism: Alfred Marsh

July 12th: From 1895-1913 Alfred Marsh was editor of Freedom when it was the only anarchist paper to survive the collapse of the movement in Britain at the turn of the century — and without his grit and fortitude there is no doubt that it too would have been shut down along with the likes of the

Legal: If I’m arrested, do I have to tell the police my nationality?

July 9th: This is the second part in an ongoing series of articles about the rights of migrants and the powers of the police.

Catalonia: Punk pirates battle off coast of Barna!

July 1st: GEORGE F joins over a dozen DIY pirate boats as they engage in battle off the coast of Barcelona.

Pioneers of British anarchism: Edward Carpenter

June 28th: Dublin Pride is tomorrow, and for this Pride season we note the 90th anniversary of the death of Edward Carpenter (1844-1929), a man who in the most repressive of times against homosexuality in Britain was out and proud.

How we invaded Cuba

June 24th: On Friday 12 July 1963, anarchists invaded the Cuban Embassy in London.

The Social Centre Bulletin

June 19th: This new column for Freedom News aims to support and publicise what’s happening at radical social centres around Britain.

Mutu: rethinking our radical media

June 15th: The seriousness of our times hardly needs restating.

Pioneers of British Anarchism: George Barrett

June 13th: To mark the launch of new Freedom Press title Our Masters Are Helpless, we will be publishing a number of historic reprints about historic anarchist figures from our 130-year store of articles, starting with the firebrand himself, George Barrett.