Freedom News

Radical Reprint: The Voice of Labour

May 19th: With militarism and the expectation of a war in Europe on the rise, Freedom‘s approach wasn’t getting as much of a bump in readership as hoped, according to reports from the anarchists’ annual gathering in Newcastle in May 1914.

Cambridge for Palestine – demanding divestment

May 17th: "This is a protest against the University’s complicity in the massacre in Gaza, and we affirm that everyday".

EE item on UK morning TV show

Fixing the UK food supply

May 16th: As Everybody Eats continues with Robin Hood-style actions in multiple UK cities, group Vegans Support the Farmers are promoting a just transition for producers.

Growing communities in Waltham Forest

May 14th: A solidarity economy, emerging in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, revolves around food.

The Pergamon: prison and sisterhood

May 12th: A succession of people have been jailed over the last few years for taking direct action against companies which participate in selling arms to Israel, which are then used to kill children in Gaza.

cartoon by Art Young portraying a capitalist inferno

Art Young’s dangerous cartoons

May 4th: Soon after the United States became involved in World War I, the federal government began its prosecution of avant-garde socialist magazine The Masses for anti-war activity.

An exhibition case showing a historical anarchist magazine and photos

“No Gods, No Masters, No Husbands”

April 27th: An exhibition showcases women editors, translators, proofreaders, typographers and packagers in anarchist print culture

“The court system put me through hell”

April 25th: The police laughed at her when she reported her sexual abuse.

Review: My Port of Beirut

April 24th: When people treat each other like human beings, what they share in the aftermath of destruction is not so much the spectacle of destruction itself but the vital joy of life that has been ripped away.

Autism and anarchy: The importance of autistic anarchism

April 10th: Anarchism, for me, is just the name for a kind of politics that never stops being messy and never stops listening to personal and collective desires, no matter how unreasonable they seem.