France: March against police killings unites the left

Over a hundred organisations from around the world, including a number of anarchist groups and British organisations, are backing the callout for a massive march in Paris to take place on March 13th against police brutality. Led by the families of people who have died at the hands of police and following on from weeks of protests and clashes in the streets, organisers say that, as the law is… Continue reading

France: Hundreds rally against police violence as Senate offers officers near-total immunity

As people poured onto the streets of cities including Paris, Nantes and Rennes last night to demand justice for Theo, a 22-year-old social worker who was allegedly beaten and raped with a police baton, the French Senate has been examining/considering a new “public security” bill. The new set of guidelines are likely to extend the use of firearms, offer police immunity against prosecution over violence and broaden contempt… Continue reading

France: How union leaders destroyed the movement against El Khomri

A militant reflects on the struggle against the Socialist Party’s El Khomri law attacking working rights, which brought 1.2 million workers into the streets last year and sparked widespread resistance.

Unions played a key role last spring in the movement against the “work” law. But their political gymnastics of collaboration with the government cost us the fight. Let us organise ourselves now, autonomously, to control our political… Continue reading

Tribute to the victims of feminicide

On Thursday and Friday night (Nov 24th-25th) the Insomnia collective conducted a series of actions across Paris, France to highlight patriarchal murders.

Male violence is the leading cause of death for women aged 16 to 44 worldwide. Acts of violence against women are very diverse in nature, ranging from verbal harassment and other forms of psychological abuse to daily physical or sexual violence. At the far end of this… Continue reading

Lyon anarchists rally against fascist thugs after bookshop attack

Anarchists in Lyon have called a protest against fascist street-thuggery for Saturday November 26th, after an attack by around 20 fascists on La Plume Noir bookshop smashed windows and injured people defending the building.

In a statement, members of the Coordination des Groups Anarchistes (CGA) said: “This attack is not an isolated act, it is part of the current rise in power of the… Continue reading

February 27th: Call-out against the eviction of the ZAD

As the British state clamps down on anti-aviation struggle with the recent Heathrow 13 convictions, in France the fight against the airport has intensified. Since the decision by a Nantes court to continue with the eviction of the ZAD (Zone to Defend) in Notre-Dame-Des-Landes, people worldwide have responded with mass demonstrations and a range of solidarity actions.

On January 26th  in Limoges, seven trucks belonging to the… Continue reading

COP21: the time of the counter-summit is over

With critical support, we went to the COP21 counter summit and found State repression, coercive pacifists and a lack of revolt.

State of Repression

The build-up to the COP21 set the tone for the entirety of the counter-summit.  Although the recent mobilisations against global summits have been met with ever increasing repression, the increased powers provided by the state of emergency allowed the French State to exercise its full… Continue reading

From The Land Of Proudhon 5

Situationist International. Raoul Vaneigem In Dialogue With Gérard Berréby. Nothing Has an End, All is a Beginning.


Raoul Vaneigem (1934) is a Belgian author and radical social critic. After grammar school, at the age of seventeen he went to study literature at the Université Libre in Brussels. Once he graduated, he taught for a few years at various educational institutions. This is at a time when Belgium had strong and long strikes, which Vaneigem participated (years 1960-61). Then he was a member for almost ten years of the movement known as International Situationist (I.S.).


Vaneigem never gives interviews. But in the case of the French author Gérard Berréby (1950), endowed with a strong interest in the Situationist movement, also publisher, it was different. Berréby was extremely prepared for the dialogue. He and Vaneigem started to discuss where Vaneigem comes from, before moving on to speak about the years together with I.S. And of course about ‘there after’ is discussed. Continue reading

From The Land Of Proudhon – The Battles of the ZADists

Thom Holterman writes on the emerging zadist movement and the battles it is waging with the state and capitalism.


The French language has a new word: zadist. It comes from the abbreviation ZAD, Zone à Défendre, “Zone to defend”. Officially ZAD refers to a French legal instrument that is used to create big construction works, such as building an airport or a project for a high speed  train line. These kind of projects inevitably cause considerable damage to the environment and that’s exactly what a zadist would like to prevent by his or her opposition: defending the zone from destruction.


The movement is broader than environmental activism alone. This mainly concerns the projects for which huge costs are incurred for the benefit of relatively few people, and in particular, the transnational real estate and construction companies that are making huge profits. A well-known French exampleis the (new) airport to be built in the surroundings of Nantes (Notre-Dame-Des-Landes). The construction of an HSL connection and a super highway are also planned upon the construction of the airport. Such projects are against the zadists’ principles of an anti-hierarchical society  and have therefore become sites of struggle. Continue reading

From The Land of Proudhon


Social revolution is a term associated with anarchism. The ideological background is that a political revolution does not extend much beyond redecoration or reoccupation of institutional dominance. This is precisely what anarchists contest. The question is: to remain in the social struggle, even if it is the wrong direction as in Spain in 1938? Many anarchists would not have the heart to give up the fight. Dealing with the process towards the lost revolution is the book of Daniel Aïache , La révolution défaite , Les groupements révolutionnaires parisiens face à la révolution espagnole (The Lost Revolution , Parisian Revolutionary Groups With Regard to the Spanish Revolution , Paris, 2013).


What type of organization did Bakunin have in mind for the struggle for social change? He drew the lines in his ” Revolutionary Catechism ” (not to be confused with the ” Catechism of the Revolutionary” by Serge Netchaïev ). Revolutionary catechism is one of the two chapters of Bakunin’s Principles and Organization of the International Revolutionary Society (1866). The French edition (Éditions du Chat Ivre, 2013) is accompanied by a comprehensive introduction of the French philosopher and anarchist, Jean-Christophe Angaut. Continue reading