Freedom News

Book review: A Thousand Little Machines

June 14th: A/traverso magazine and its editor Franco “Bifo” Berardi were central to the Italian autonomist movement and animated the tumultuous events of 1977

Review: My Port of Beirut

April 24th: When people treat each other like human beings, what they share in the aftermath of destruction is not so much the spectacle of destruction itself but the vital joy of life that has been ripped away.

Worth fighting for: Bringing the Rojava revolution home

January 12th: It's not surprising that the most precious thing we brought back from Rojava was a sense of hope.

Review: Anarchy’s ideas

December 17th: This introduction to the historical context of libertarian debates is a valuable clarifying work on the philosophy's core ideas.

Book review: Sick Of It All

September 24th: Sick Of It All analyses Britain’s health and social care services and looks at the potential for radical change and non-capitalistic healthcare models.

Review: The Dawn of Everything

September 16th: After reading a few Marxist criticisms of Graeber and Wengrow's book, I decided to take a look because if something displeases a Marxist, it will surely make me laugh.

‘And then the lights go oot. Forever’: Disnaeland

August 18th: DD Johnston’s Disnaeland is perhaps the most hopeful apocalyptic novel you’re ever likely to read.

‘We Bangladeshi Queer People Exist’

July 24th: The general trend towards hatred and ignorance shows us why we must arm ourselves – building queer communities, reclaiming queer spaces, and learning from our beautiful queer histories.

Cities of Hubris

July 7th: This book is an urgent call for change of perspective, a perspective that puts people armed with radical imagination in charge of creating new citizens and new cities based on collective wisdom.

Upcoming anarchist books in 2023

June 18th: A round-up of titles coming out over the next few months on anarchism and related topics.