Book Review: The Doomsday Machine — Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner

April 17th: Daniel Ellsberg points to uncanny truths in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove (1964), including the fact that Russia does have an automated ‘Doomsday Machine’ system (called ‘Perimeter’) that will trigger nuclear war if a single nuclear bomb goes off in Moscow.

Radical lit roundup

April 7th: KSL’s quick roundup of recent anarchist books on 19th century history, First World War syndicalism and enigmatic figure Peter The Painter.

Book Review: Anarchists Never Surrender

April 2nd: This book is a collection of new translations of articles by Victor Serge (1890-1947).  by Victor Serge, edited by Mitchell Abidor ISBN: 978-1-62963-031-1 PP: 256 PM Press 2015 Review by Anarcho Born of Russian anti-Tsarist exiles in Belgium, Serge is of note for his odyssey from anarchism to Bolshevism, then from Trotskyism to some kind of libertarian Marxism. He is

Book Review: The Cambridge squatter Architecture, cinema and education

March 27th: by Carla Caffé Sold as E-Book [Kobo][Amazon] PP: 242 Publisher: Edições Sesc SP 2017 Based on the film Era o Hotel Cambridge (Hotel Cambridge/The Cambridge Squatter) directed by Carla Caffé Review by E.T.C.

Book review: Private Government — How Employers Rule Our Lives

March 18th: by Elizabeth Anderson ISBN: 978-0-6-91176-51-2 PP: 224 Princeton University Press 2017 This is both an important book which raises a key issue and one which simply states the obvious.

Review: The Anarchist Roots of Geography – Toward Spatial Emancipation

February 16th: by Simon Springer ISBN: 978-0-816697-73-1 PP: 240 Publisher: University of Minnesota Press 2016 Review by John Clark Anyone who wants evidence that anarchist geography is alive and well today need only read this book.

Book Review: Tramp Printers – Forgotten Trails of the Travelling Typographers

February 9th: by Charles Overbeck ISBN: 978-0-965097-90-1 PP: 200 Publisher: Eberhart Press 2017 Review by Steve Izma This handsomely and mostly hand-produced book is a tribute to the craft of printing and of historical insight, both of which verge on extinction in the modern world.

Film Review: Detroit

January 26th: Director: Kathryn Bigelow Released August 2017 143 min Reviewed by William Boyer The misnamed film “Detroit” is more about a triple slaying by police than the city’s 1967 Rebellion.

Book Review: Breaking the Spell – A History of Anarchist Filmmakers

January 19th: by Chris Robé ISBN: 978-1-62963-233-9 PP: 468 Publisher: PM Press 2017 Review by Franklin Lopez Reviewer’s note: I agreed to write this review before being aware that almost an entire chapter is dedicated to an analysis of my video work and that of sub.Media.

Review: Ethics, Politics, and Anarcho Punk Identifications

January 11th: by Edward Anthony Avery-Natale ISBN: 978-1-498519-98-4 PP: 235 Publisher: Lexington Books 2016 Review by Ruhe Like many anarchists who came of age in the 1990s, my first exposure to anarchism came through the punk scene.