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Worth fighting for: Bringing the Rojava revolution home

January 12th: It's not surprising that the most precious thing we brought back from Rojava was a sense of hope.

Review: Anarchy’s ideas

December 17th: This introduction to the historical context of libertarian debates is a valuable clarifying work on the philosophy's core ideas.

Book review: Sick Of It All

September 24th: Sick Of It All analyses Britain’s health and social care services and looks at the potential for radical change and non-capitalistic healthcare models.

Review: The Dawn of Everything

September 16th: After reading a few Marxist criticisms of Graeber and Wengrow's book, I decided to take a look because if something displeases a Marxist, it will surely make me laugh.

‘And then the lights go oot. Forever’: Disnaeland

August 18th: DD Johnston’s Disnaeland is perhaps the most hopeful apocalyptic novel you’re ever likely to read.

‘We Bangladeshi Queer People Exist’

July 24th: The general trend towards hatred and ignorance shows us why we must arm ourselves – building queer communities, reclaiming queer spaces, and learning from our beautiful queer histories.

Cities of Hubris

July 7th: This book is an urgent call for change of perspective, a perspective that puts people armed with radical imagination in charge of creating new citizens and new cities based on collective wisdom.

Upcoming anarchist books in 2023

June 18th: A round-up of titles coming out over the next few months on anarchism and related topics.

Review: Imperial Mud

April 2nd: ISBN: 978-1-78578-715-7by James Boyce248pp£9.99 Broadly we experience the Fens, today, as a handful of historic names and reserves under the curation of outfits like the National Trust.

Review: From Sylhet to Spitalfields: Bengali Squatters in 1970s East London

March 11th: Author: Shabna BegumFrom Sylhet to Spitalfields: Bengali Squatters in 1970s East LondonLawrence WishartISBN: 9781913546748 This book is based around the oral history project that the author carried out about the Bengali squatting movement that happened in the 1970s around Spitalfields/Whitechapel.