Freedom News

Book Review: A Normal Life

June 9th: M Morrison takes a lengthy look at the autobiography of Vassilis Palaiokostas, better known as the Greek Robin Hood.

This is queer breadtube: 6 youtubers to stuff your void with

May 31st: George F presents a selection of essential queer anarchist creators from Youtube.

Book Review: The Makhnovshchina and Its Aftermath

May 29th: “Black Cat Press have (again) added to what we know about the Makhnovist movement,” the Kate Sharpley Library says in its latest Bulletin.

Manchester’s Persons Unknown Festival blasts back into action

May 19th: Persons Unknown Festival returned after a 3-year break to the same venue it used for it's inauguration back in 2019.

Before Solzhenitsyn: A long review of Berkman and Goldman

May 10th: In this lengthy essay, based in a review of Sasha and Emma, Raymond Solomon looks at the politics, and personal histories of two iconic anarchist figures — and the context in which they led their lives.

Review: Authentic Democracy: An Ethical Justification of Anarchism

March 10th: Authentic Democracy: An Ethical Justification of Anarchism By Dan McKee Tippermuir Books, 2020 Review by Uri Gordon In this engaging and accessible book, Dan McKee makes the case for anarchism based on a long-overdue critique of liberal political theory, in particular the social contract tradition.

“Anarchism” is just a name- a review of Anarchism and the Black Revolution and The Nation on No Map: Black Anarchism and Abolition

January 13th: Anarchism and the Black Revolution by Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin Pluto Press The Nation on No Map: Black Anarchism and Abolition by William C.

Review: Post-Internet Far Right

January 9th: The creators of the essential antifascist podcast 12 Rules For What?

Review: Lost in Work

December 12th: Amelia Horgan’s Lost in Work acts both as a bread and butter introduction to why and how work under capitalism is so bad, and as a provocation to the left’s standard understanding of work and organising.

Review: Guide to Every City

July 15th: Writer: Efe Levent Artist: Alaa Alhassoun Guide to Every CityMangal MediaISBN: 6057034821 Guide to Every City is a thorough picture of the perennial Every City from the perspective of a fictional Every Travel Writer.