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A potted history of the workers fighting back

For many, the long history of people in Britain resisting the greed and corruption of the ruling classes, from Kings to lords to tycoons and politicians, isn’t really spoken about. In the following article, Maura Framrose picks out some gems. There’s a reason most of us pass through school without a single lesson on the

Working class kids and the professional brick wall

Holly-Rae Smith writes on the barriers, structural and social, which she had to get past to get professional third-sector work, stressing the importance of working-class mentors — and a paid internship from Campaign Against The Arms Trade. This article first appeared in the February-March issue of Peace News as part of their working-class interviews series. Growing

‘North of the Watford Gap’: Resistance beyond Central London

You are holding a black-and-white photograph. It shows a woman holding a union placard. It shows a picket line, scab vans, Labour politicos, a man dirty and tired from his work. You are holding the narrative of industrial working-class struggle. You put down the photograph and pick another history. The struggles of non-London working-class communities