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Review: Imperial Mud

ISBN: 978-1-78578-715-7by James Boyce248pp£9.99 Broadly we experience the Fens, today, as a handful of historic names and reserves under the curation of outfits like the National Trust. The region is for the most part tame, densely packed with some of England’s most productive agriculture. It’s a stark contrast to the area’s historic reputation as dangerous,

A potted history of the workers fighting back

For many, the long history of people in Britain resisting the greed and corruption of the ruling classes, from Kings to lords to tycoons and politicians, isn’t really spoken about. In the following article, Rambling Rose picks out some gems. There’s a reason most of us pass through school without a single lesson on the

Review: Anarchism in North East England 1882 – 1992

Anarchism in North East England 1882 – 1992 by Tyneside Anarchist Archive This impressive and comprehensive contribution caps a canny few years of the careful development of the Tyneside Anarchist Archive. This phenomenon started life as bundles of leaflets and zines from the 1980s boxed in the founder’s bedroom, and subsequently – inspired by examples

History: Baltic and Polish anarchism at the end of the 19th century

At the beginning of the twentieth century, anarchist anti-State ideals were most widely felt in what were then the western regions of the Russian Empire. This reflected both their proximity to the fast-changing social conflicts of Europe and the presence of significant national and cultural tensions within the occupied territories. Of great importance, in particular,