Listen up sanes: the intersection of policing and healthcare is nothing new

On March 25th the Coronavirus Act 2020 received Royal Assent and became law. The contents of this ‘emergency bill’ are wide in scope: they cover increased police powers, changes to health and social care legislation, postponement of elections, changes in burial procedure and changes in statutory sick pay, amongst other measures. The next day Health

Calling All Creatives (who are less talented than me)

Believe it or not, this actually happened and it actually was the BBC operating this snake-oil wagon, but with less oblique references to cocaine. Check it out if you want to marvel at the headstone of creative aspiration: by Marc Magill

Don’t believe the hype: evictions continue despite moratorium

The ban is a lie. Despite the UK government declaring a “complete ban on evictions” due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in the last 24 hours an autonomous homeless shelter in Brighton and an occupied space in Peckham have been illegally evicted by people claiming to be bailiffs, allegedly with the full support and cooperation

Legal: People are being criminalised for coronavirus offences that don’t exist.

Delirious with fevers and newly extended powers, British cops are well and truly out of control. Whether it’s Derbyshire police following dog walkers with drones or Lancashire constabulary issuing 123 enforcement notices in four days, front line coppers are running around like heavily armed headless chickens, fining, arresting or, in one horrific case, tasering anyone

Dissecting Boris Johnson’s letter to the British people

The prime minister is writing a letter to every household in the UK to a cost of £6m, at a time when the National Health Service (NHS) is suffering under the strains of Covid19 cases. Jon Bigger analyses the letter. Johnson: I am writing to you to update you on the steps we are taking

Boris Johnson a ‘libertarian’? What a joke

It’s really frustrating when people use anarchist terms and phrases out of context or for their own advantage. Libertarian is a word that is consistently bastardised by the new right. Over the last few days the word has been used to describe the UK prime minister in his apparent desire to not introduce the draconian