Germany: Seasonal workers force farm bosses to pay up

Creditors who had taken over the Spargel Ritter asparagus farm in Bornheim, Bonn, thought they could get away without paying what they owed to low-waged workers, but a solid campaign organised with the FAU syndicalist union soon disabused them of that notion. The trouble with Spargel Ritter started two months before picking season was due

Met police threaten to arrest entire UVW strike picket (again!)

For the second day in a row, officers from the Met threatened to arrest all those participating in a United Voices of the World (UVW) strike picket outside St. George’s University Hospital in Tooting. Citing s119 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008, Met officers claimed that the picket was an illegal nuisance on

Lecturers and cleaners stand together as 1,000 picket UCL

Up to 1,000 members of academics union UCU and base union IWGB and their supporters walked the pickets today as part of the first-ever joint strike between cleaners and academic staff at University College London (UCU). The IWGB, representing cleaners, security officers and porters, joined UCU chanting, “Two strikes, one fight!” and, “UCL you’re out

UCL outsourcing dispute: Are you listening now, provost?

Our man on the ground reports on yesterday’s rowdy IWGB union pickets at University College London (UCL) against outsourcing and for pay parity. I arrived at UCL at the end of Malet St, shortly after eight – it had been frosty that morning and they was still a chill in the air. I was greeted

Fighting for £15: A McStrike Day Report

Workers at six McDonald’s restaurants in South London walked out yesterday to demand £15 an hour for workers of all ages, as well as guaranteed hours and official recognition of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU).   This latest ‘McStrike’– the largest yet in the UK, according to organisers – was part of

Not lovin’ it: McDonald’s workers to walk out of 6 South London stores

The Bakers Food and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU) has today notified 6 London McDonald’s stores that its members will go on strike on 12 November as part of an international day of action for fast-food workers’ rights. The McDonald’s workers are calling for a New Deal for McDonald’s workers that would include: £15 an hour, an end

Libertarian manifesto on the Ecuadorian crisis

The following text comes from the leaflet distributed by the group  “Solidaridad Anarquista Ecuatoriana” (SAE) on the streets of Ecuador’s capital Quito. Libertarian Manifest about the Ecuatorian crisis: SAE with the People The country lives in times of unrest. Unrest which doesn’t originate in previous Correa government, nor the current one with Moreno. In these

St Mungo’s staff ballot to strike – and reject sellout to Home Office

Workers at homelessness charity St Mungo’s have had enough of being made to hand over data to the Home Office, demanding that the practice be stopped as part of a strike ballot. More than 500 staff at the NGO, which specialises in helping rough sleepers, are balloting with the Unite union after talks broke down

‘Unofficial industrial action’ at MGT Power Plant in Teesside enters 5th day

The workers at MGT Power Plant in Teesside start day five of their spontaneous protest today. The workers have gone on strike at Tees Reneweable Energy Plant- world’s largest biomass power plant being built on Teesside by MGT- last Tuesday over poor safety conditions. The action was sparked by what was described a “boiler incident”.

Unions hit targets across London in co-ordinated strikes

Hundreds of mostly migrant workers were involved in the actions, which saw The IWGB and UVW unions lead walkouts and rallies alongside RMT and PCS. Strikers marched to exploitative workplaces across the city to demand an end to outsourcing before finishing with a rally at the Ministry of Justice, where UVW members are campaigning for