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Fuel for thought: 1913’s taxi strike

The tech industry loves to present itself as “disrupting” industries with innovations such as online ordering of deliveries, or driver services. In fact however they are often just reproducing age-old forms of exploitation. Take this January 1913 article, ‘The Taxi-cab Strike’: “If 1913 is to continue as it has commenced, there will be a few

Judge orders Brighton pub to pay wages to sacked UVW strike leader until final hearing

Former bar manager at Stonegate-leased Brighton pub Saint James Tavern (SJT) and UVW member Jake Marvin applied to the Employment Tribunal in early July for interim relief following his summary sacking just days after the pub workers’ first picket line on June 25. The judge heard evidence that pub manager and UVW member Jake Marvin

Backing the briefs

So the first all out strike of the fuel/ inflation crisis is The Barristers! Specifically Criminal Barristers who do legal aid work. They are technically self employed but rely on payments from the government to represent defendants with low income (or whose assets are currently held in trust by other members of the gang residing

The freedom to do as you’re told

Ever since the RMT announced a mighty three days of strike action on the railway lines the press has gone into overdrive in condemnation, followed by its loyal social media echo chamber. The regular lines are dusted off by miserable complainers from Falmouth to Aberdeen. “It should be illegal” … “the strikers are selfish” …

Bitter dispute at St James Tavern

Bar staff at the well-known Brighton watering hole are balloting to down glasses on zero-hours low pay contracts — and potentially sue bosses over alleged harassment, sexism and transphobia. The workers, who are organised with UVW, say they have been subjected to mistreatment for a long time, alongside poor working conditions. The situation was so

Roll on, fuck off

Workers fight back as ferry company drops job loss bombshell. One of the UK’s foremost ferry companies P&O sacked 800 staff with no notice yesterday. Officers and seafarers were dismissed via Zoom call at 11 am while still on the ships. Balaclava clad security guards were ready with handcuffs to quell resistance as the Dubai