Corbyn does not deserve our solidarity

When Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, a broad section of leftists saw an opportunity to shift British politics away from neoliberalism. Everyone from anarchists to trade unionists saw the opportunity and knew that the new leadership would need all the support they could get. They needed that support because they would surely

Against anarcho-smugness

As Corbyn’s suspension from the Labour Party occasions yet another wave of anarcho-smugness, Anna K. takes aim at the strange self-satisfaction of our politically irrelevant movement. On December 13th 2019, the day after the General Election, I had the grave misfortune of being behind the till at Freedom Bookshop. To be clear, my misfortune lay

Keir Starmer isn’t a sellout.

It may be an odd headline for an anarchist to write about a Labour leader, but hear me out. There’s been a couple of incidents in the last few days which have left people using the dread word to refer to the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. In the first instance there is his

Mutual Aid: It’s a class sabotage!

When I first saw this article from Freedom News about Labour sabotage of Mutual Aid groups I literally screamed “who from our group leaked this!”. I didn’t realise it was a London group who wrote it – that’s how common this issue is. For us locally, it’s awful. Sure, we have 550+ volunteers, do about

Mutual Aid in London: A Cautionary Tale

At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, I was heartened to see a network of mutual aid groups springing up, mostly autonomously, around the country. There did seem to have been some central impetus behind this. Still, my experience with the few that I started to organise with (I spread my time around a few

Local councils are already trying to sabotage the mutual aid networks

With the UK’s Covid-19 situation worsening at an exponential rate, you’d have hoped local government officials spent their weekends productively: drafting up plans to suspend rent payments for council tenants, for example, and putting pressure on local landlords to do the same. After all, measures such as these would significantly help to limit the spread

Brighton: As council seals arches, where do the people go?

On Thursday 12th and Friday 13th several arches and shelters above Madeira Drive, at Black Rock, spaces which had housed a community of people over the summer were sealed off with metal grilles — the question has to be where are those people now? This summer I was really shocked by the number of homeless

The battle’s done – and we need more weapons

It’s not fun to weigh in today amid the sadness of watching a triumphant, smug parade of Tory scumbags mouthing off about how they intend to stick it to the poor this time — but we can’t sit still when the new class war is on its way. The reasons why Labour lost are going