Governments always overestimate what people will tolerate

From Chile to Hong Kong, through Catalonia to France — it has been kicking off everywhere. It all just needs a spark. What these events have in common is that they were all sparked by a government decision, of lesser or greater significance, but in all cases the States which did so thought they could

Models of climate chaos

The creed of neoliberalism redefines labour, land and the climate. It’s politically dominant and reinforces capitalism’s demand that Earth’s climate be construed as part of nature as an external object — a computer-modelled system. The neoliberal state builds upon this concept and engineers it into rentable, marketable units, transforming the meaning of “climate” and its

Anarchy in the UK: A Changed Political Landscape

This article is the first in a series by Jon Bigger looking at gains the voices of social conservatism have made in recent years and what that means for anarchist politics. In 2016 the political landscape has changed around us. A resurgence of conservatism resulting from changes within the Conservative Party leadership following the EU referendum has been followed