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Five horrors from the Tory and Labour manifestos

At times it looks like they are trying to outdo each other in being nasty Facing a crash at the polls on July 4, for a while now the Tories have been trying to look as tough as they can on a range of socially conservative issues, in the hope of overturning their polling fortunes.

Palestine Action scale trees & occupy the ground beneath to uproot Israel’s arms factory in Shenstone

Yesterday morning, Palestine Actionists set up a ground camp and scaled the adjacent trees, erecting unreachable hammocks overlooking UAV Engines Ltd — the Israeli drones factory that has rightly been a prime target for extensive action as part of the #ShutElbitDown campaign.  Activists have confirmed they plan to hold their positions, and will not leave

This Is Not A Drill: activists target fossil fuels research facilities in Cambridge

Activists operating under the banner of “This Is Not A Drill” have begun a direct action campaign against Cambridge-based research facilities with lucrative connections to the fossil fuel industry. The group’s first actions were reported on July 15, when windows were smashed at a research organisation named the “Cambridge Arctic Shelf Programme (CASP)”. Holding charitable

The last jubilee

Now that it’s over perhaps we can have a discussion about making sure that was that last jubilee weekend we have to suffer. I normally try to not just rant in articles but I’m finding this tough after witnessing the embarrassment of four days of union flag bunting, the media hype and wall to wall