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Notes from US: The bureaucratic apocalypse

From our US correspondent: Racism Republicans throughout the United States have the wind behind them in their supremacist agendas nationally in Washington DC and in the states locally. In Missouri, for instance, the white Speaker (chairperson) of the state legislature silenced a black representative who was trying to draw attention to the ways in which

Notes from the US: OAN out

We can start with some good news this month. As reported previously in Notes, far-right channel One America News has finally been dropped from telecom giant AT&T’s line-up of available channels via its subsidiary Direct TV.  AT&T’s share of the cable providers is less than a quarter of that broadcast by market leader Comcast, but

HMP Wakefield: End racist violence against prisoners in segregation, demand demonstrators

CW: mentons of suicide. Campaigners demonstrated last Sunday at HMP Wakefield to demand an end to racist and inhumane treatment of prisoners kept in the segregation unit. In the last month, prison guards have physically assaulted Black and Jewish prisoners, denied them access to food and letters, and encouraged one prisoner to attempt suicide. A

Murder by negligence on EU border

Last month, Freedom reported on the plight of 32 people from Afghanistan seeking asylum in the EU imprisoned on the Polish-Belarus border and left there without food, shelter or medical assistance for weeks. These people are the victims of a diplomatic spat between the dictatorial regime of Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko and the EU. The Belarusian government

IWGB survey of key workers in courier sector reveals 9 in 10 have been harassed, with BAME workers hardest hit

A survey of 100 couriers conducted by the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) highlights endemic harassment and abuse of gig workers. 9 in 10 couriers said they have endured harassment at work, with almost two thirds reporting physical assault. Nearly half (44 percent) of respondents say they are harassed or verbally abused at

It starts in schools- how young people are consistently failed as victims of discrimination and sexual assault, and how it carries into adulthood.

CW: descriptions of discrimination and sexual assault Featured in this article are quotes from a survey I conducted among peers about types of discrimination they faced in school. All names have been changed for the sake of privacy. “This is a widespread, endemic issue. It’s not about one environment, or demographic or school; [it] is

Movements First, Solutions Later

Netpol’s Kevin Blowe argues that Britain’s nascent abolitionist movement needs to focus its energy into long-term grassroots organising, not top-down academic debate. Ever since the rebirth of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, it has been far from clear that the demand to “defund the police” will resonate in Britain as it has in