Indonesia: The struggle for Tamansari

In the “human rights friendly” city of Bandung a conflict was raging over the future of Tamansari, a piece of land occupied for decades but slated for redevelopment. In December 2019, riot police accompanied demolition teams to oust the people from their homes — below is a tale of corruption, violence and working class resistance.

Greece: Gare squatters say ‘The best days have yet to come’

On February 2nd we took the initiative to burglarize our own house. Gare in Athens is not just for its own members, it belongs to the entire movement. We hung a banner in solidarity with the free spaces and in solidarity with D. of Gare banner saying “Power to the wanted Comrade D. Chatsivachiliadi, Solidarity

Why is the Greek state attacking Exarcheia?

The Greek state’s long anticipated attack on the rebellious district of Exarcheia began with the eviction of four occupied spaces and a provocative and dangerous attack on the social centre K*Vox. Since the return to power of right-wing New Democracy in the July elections the move has been expected and a difficult struggle lies ahead