Visualising the West Bank Wall

The separation barrier (or the Wall) which surrounds much of the West Bank is one of the most unbelievable things I have ever seen, not for good reason. In a sense I knew what to prepare myself for as I had seen many pictures taken of it from the comfort of my home country. But

The Militarisation of Israeli Society

In the second blog from Nikki Ray in our series about life under Israeli occupation, Nikki dicusses the many ways in which Israeli society has become militarised, and how this affects both the occupied and the occupiers. Only 2 countries in the world have compulsory military service for both men and women[1]. Israel is one of

‘Liberal’ Zionism and Gaza: A Personal View

Growing up in a Jewish family, who suffered huge and indescribable losses during the war, just like many others, has meant that I wasn’t always able to see Israel for what it is: a racist and brutal occupying power. For weeks I’ve been obsessively reading the news, seeing the images of blood and destruction, homes