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Greek Horror:
 How an Epstein level paedophile scandal could connect to the first time in Greek history that a political prisoner dies of hunger strike

CW: mentions of child sexual abuse. Two parallel stories are escalating in the Greek news these days.
 Both are of historical significance, but with very different volume of coverage.
 They are stories of two very different men, who share no resemblance but their first name.
 The men are Dimitris Lignadis and Dimitris Koufontinas, 
and their

The anti-NGO discourse in Greece and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

These days in Greece an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory has successfully infiltrated the public discourse. Officials of the right-wing New Democracy government, as well as by journalists of major media outlets, express suspicion regarding the role of NGOs in the movement of refugees. An increasing amount of voices demand for NGOs that act in the sphere

Why is the Greek state attacking Exarcheia?

The Greek state’s long anticipated attack on the rebellious district of Exarcheia began with the eviction of four occupied spaces and a provocative and dangerous attack on the social centre K*Vox. Since the return to power of right-wing New Democracy in the July elections the move has been expected and a difficult struggle lies ahead