Germany: Barricades at Rigaer Strasse

Thirty years on from when it was first occupied, the long-running Berlin squat and hausprojekt residence Rigaer94 is once again under threat from an aggressive eviction attempt involving security guards, squads of riot cops and construction crews. R94, which has a mix of squatted and rented rooms, also features a squatted bar and an occupied

Germany: Seasonal workers force farm bosses to pay up

Creditors who had taken over the Spargel Ritter asparagus farm in Bornheim, Bonn, thought they could get away without paying what they owed to low-waged workers, but a solid campaign organised with the FAU syndicalist union soon disabused them of that notion. The trouble with Spargel Ritter started two months before picking season was due

Syndicalist unions and Covid-era resistance: A CIT roundup

The anarcho-syndicalist international, founded in 2018, looks at workplace struggle in its branches worldwide and calls for the building of new forms of solidarity amid the lockdowns. With the corona crisis, the world has suddenly entered a new phase of intense class struggle. This is impressively documented by a map of (for the most part) wildcat strikes

XR leak: Hallam Holocaust comments were a deliberate ‘provocation’

A memo from controversial Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam, leaked to Freedom, suggests his offensive interview with Der Spiegel was a deliberate tactic to “provoke a big media reaction.” Hallam’s interview with the German newspaper, in which he suggested the Holocaust was “almost a normal event … just another fuckery in human history,” sparked global

Germany: State tries to block university anarchist groups

Federal security agency the BfV was caught recently making a bizarre intervention at Leipzig University to demand anarcho-syndicalist union branch FAU Leipzig be banned from holding an introductory meeting during freshers week. The university was targeted during the approval period for events at the its winter semester 2018/19, which anarchist groups have been involved in

Syndikat: The local pub taking on a corporate giant

Workers at a radical Berlin bar are heading to London on December 18th to confront Pears Global, part of a shadowy property giant which has been hiking rents in Neukölln.  One of Berlin’s 12 major boroughs and historically one of the city’s most multicultural areas, Neukölln has been on Germany’s gentrification frontline for the last ten

Frankfurt: arson attacks against squats and self-organized spaces

Since September, several arson attacks against squats and other self-organised alternative spaces have taken place in the Rhine-Main region in Germany. The first attack took place in Schwalbach, a village on the outskirts of Frankfurt, on 15th of September. The village is a home to Knotenpunkt: a self-organised housing project which is a part of a

Hambach Forest eviction ‘halted’ after a person dies

One person has been confirmed dead during police operation to evict the Hambach Forest protest camp. The tragic incident took place on Wednesday afternoon. The deceased is a video blogger reporting on events in the forest. The forest protectors reported on their website: “A friend who has accompanied us as a journalist for a long

French and German anti-nuclear campaigners block uranium transport

At early morning hours last Saturday, a group of French and German anti-nuclear activists blocked the uranium transport train. The train, believed to carry 33 uranium containers, was travelling from Hamburg to the the Orano uranium conversion plant in Narbonne Malvesi in south of France. The train track was blocked from about 5.30am, when two