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Belarus: anarchist Mikola Dziadok sentenced to 5 years incarceration

On 10th November, a judge at Minsk City Court announced  a sentence in the case of anarchist and blogger Mikalai Dziadok.

Mikalai Dziadok, who was forced to go underground before the anti-government protests gripped Belarus in the Summer of 2020, was detained in November 2020.  After his arrest, he was beaten for several hours and forced to give passwords to his encrypted equipment.

Dziadok was accused in participation in “mass disorders” (article 342 of the Criminal Code), illegal activities involving flammable substances (article 295-3), and calls for actions aimed to undermine the national security (article 361). In reality, all Dziadok did was participating in the peaceful demonstration on 23 August 2020 in Minsk and using his popular blogs to publicise the protests.

Mikola rejected the accusations against him and called the case “persecution for my views and my desire to tell the truth.”

The judge, Anastasia Popko, sentenced Dziadok to 5 years incarceration. Mikola will also have to cover court expenses and his laptop will be confiscated as a ‘tool of the crime’.

During the court hearing on 3rd November, Mikola Dziadok made the following statement:

“All participants of the process who have a degree in law do see and do understand what is happening. I want to thank my relatives, friends, anarchist comrades, journalists, human rights defenders, all people who are not indifferent, all those who value my work, for the support during the past year, including financial support. It is very important for me.

To those who participate in the organisation of this process, as well as other political repressions in my country, I would like to say: have no illusions! No papers written by you, no terror will stop human liberation and progress. We will nevertheless win!”

Via ABC Belarus.

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