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Elbit have left the building: Palestine Action permanently closes down the company’s London HQ

In the same week that two Palestine Activists were released from prison after a month on remand in Eastwood Park prison and HMP Bristol respectively, Palestine Action successfully and permanently closed down the HQ of Elbit in central London. May of this year saw an increased effort on the part of the direct-action group, to

Palestine Action political prisoners released from prison after one month

Nine activists from Palestine Action pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal damage and burglary, at Bristol Crown Court on 15th June 2022. Their charges follow a direct action taken at the Bristol Headquarters of Israel’s largest arms company, to commemorate Nakba Day on 15th May 2022. Two activists, Ronnie Barkan and Stavit Sinai, who

Palestine Action occupy Acronic factory in Birmingham in solidarity with Grenfell and Palestine

On Monday morning, Palestine Action activists returned to the Arconic factory in Birmingham. The team have sparked a rooftop occupation of the site, and blocked the front gates, halting business for guilty Arconic and demanding Justice for Grenfell, five years on. Today’s action was taken in solidarity with the 72 who lost their lives in

Elbit arms firm’s hub shut down in Bristol

In its latest action against Elbit Systems, Palestine Action stormed the Israeli weapons maker’s flagship premises yesterday (May 15th), occupying both the inside of the facility and the roof to mark Nakba Day. Update (May 18th): All nine of those arrested were initially informed they had been granted bail, however in a highly unusual move

Elbit HQ hit by Palestine solidarity lock-on

The under-pressure Israeli arms firm saw its London base targeted by the latest in a wave of blockades yesterday despite its attempts to undermine activist crowdfunders and tie up Palestine Action with legal proceedings. The action is part of a lengthy campaign against Elbit’s presence in Britain over its role in the repression of Palestine