Feminism must be trans-inclusive or it will be dead

The following text first appeared in Polish at Codziennik Feministyczny website. While some parts of it concern Poland specifically, Freedom is pleased to translate and publish it (with mild edits for clarity for English speaker) as an example of an excellent takedown of TERF politics. CW: some discriminatory language used for the purpose of providing

When Everywoman is all bush natural

I am sure there are feminists, folk who identify as women, folk who love women, historians, experts that are examining the Everywoman statue in detail. There are stories in the news rethinking and expanding our understanding of what Mary Wollstonecraft stood for. And yet the only thing I hate about the statue of Mary Wollstonecraft

Interview with Liebig34 squat in Berlin as it resists eviction

The anticapitalist struggle is an intersectional one. Liebig34 provides a perfect example. In their fight against housing being a commodity, capitalism and patriarchy, they have been a symbol for radical queer feminism for 30 years. Now, the project is faced with the threat of eviction. Being the valuable and inspiring project that Liebig34 has been,

#ЗаЮлю and Social Media Activism: A Call Out for International Support

Russian activist Yulia Tsvetkova is facing criminal charges for posting body-positive and LGBT+ friendly art on social media.  She has been accused of distributing pornography with criminal intent, and expects to be sentenced for up to 6 years in prison. Tsvetkova has previously been active in campaigns to promote cis and trans women’s rights, LGBT+

COVID-19 and social reproduction

This text first appeared at AnarchistStudies.blog, a platform publishing comment and critique related to anarchist activism, anarchist academia, and the wider world as viewed through an anarchist lens. In association with Anarchist Studies academic journal, the blog facilitates rapid publication and functions as a platform to share opinion and host critical debate. Covid-19 has brought

Report On International Women’s Day, London

London, March 8th: International Women’s Day An estimated 2000 people gathered to reclaim the heart of the city of London as part of the Women’s Strike, collectively assembling to refuse work and join in international solidarity against the current conditions of womanhood. Gender dysphoria raging, I limped out into the lashing rain to head to

Poland: feminists occupy Tomosławice Coal Mine

As part of the International Women’s Day celebrations, at early hours of today a group of women occupied the coal mine in Tomoslawice, central Poland. The ongoing occupation begun at 5.30am and so far the women are successfully blocking the mine from operating. The occupation is going smoothly and has met with little to no

International Women’s Day 2019: Thousands Of Women Go On Strike

Tomorrow, for the third year running, the International Women’s Day will be marked by strikes and street actions around the world. In just a short few years the international women’s movement has grown in strength and confidence as women join in this global movement against the destitution, overwork and violence women face daily. Women will

Gender egalitarianism vs patriarchy theory

Were early human societies egalitarian? How can we know about this? And how far are gender perspectives addressed in these questions? And does it ultimately matter? Anthropologist Camilla Power asks the questions. It is a longstanding position in anthropology that hunter-gatherers, especially nomadic groups who consume all they forage the same day – known as