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The editor is on strike today. Here are some of the reasons why.

As I’m writing this text on Friday evening (rather than on the day of its publication in order not to break the Women’s Strike cyber picket line), millions of women, feminine and non-binary people worldwide prepare for their annual strike. On the International Women’s Day,  those of us who can, will walk out from all

Women’s Strike: 50 activists occupy Ministry of Justice to protest against transphobic measures to segregate incarcerated trans women

As part of international protests connected to the Women’s Strike, a group of 50 trans activists and their allies have occupied the Ministry of Justice on International Women’s Day to express grave concern about government plans to move trans women to men’s prison estates and to open segregated wings for trans women at HMP Downview.

International Women’s Day 2019: Thousands Of Women Go On Strike

Tomorrow, for the third year running, the International Women’s Day will be marked by strikes and street actions around the world. In just a short few years the international women’s movement has grown in strength and confidence as women join in this global movement against the destitution, overwork and violence women face daily. Women will

Italian anarchists for the general women’s strike

The Italian Anarchist Federation writes on why it will be mobilising for the global strike initiative on March 8th, amid an atmosphere of reaction which has been driving repressive reforms. The Italian Anarchist Federation supports the general feminist strike that will mark March 8th in many countries of the world. Rather than being any mere ritual and done out

International Women’s Strike

Tomorrow women from around the World will be striking against gender inequality. The International Women’s Strike rejects the decades of economic inequality, criminalization and policing, racial and sexual violence, and endless global war and terrorism affecting women. Women and non- binary people will refrain from labour: both waged and unpaid work – domestic, emotional, caring