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Food Co-ops and the search for autonomy

A Liverpool writer reflects on the differences between feeling powerless in the position of receiving charity and empowered when part of a collective effort. Recently I started using the Walton Vale Community Shop, in North Liverpool. It was set up due to high levels of poverty in the area, and anyone living in Walton can

Sterilisation: A Feminist Fight

The first time I tried to get sterilised, I was 21. After numerous contraceptives took their toll on my mental and physical health, and knowing I don’t want children, it was the only option left for me. This is the case for thousands of people with wombs across the country, with tubal ligation procedures happening

Over the Water, Sparks Fly

Following on from reports of pickets at Hinckley Point in Somerset against deskilling by construction firms, the Liverpool Anarchist newsletter looks further at that and linked protests which have been taking place 200 miles to the north. From March 24th to April 7th, up to 30 electricians (sparks) have gathered weekly outside Balfour Beatty’s in

The 2020 Anarchist Bookfairs List

With the recent announcements of dates for Liverpool and the Anti-University, our list of anarchist and radical bookfairs across Britain and Ireland is getting pretty full of events – including Bookfair 2020, the first anarchist showing of its kind in London for three years. It’s looking like a good crop this year with Dundee offering

Liverpool anarchists launch hospitality sector campaign

Anarcho-syndicalists in Liverpool linked to Liverpool Solfed have recently opened a new campaign to fight bad working conditions in the city’s hospitality sector, following on from similar successful efforts in Brighton. The group said in a launch statement: The hospitality industry, which includes workplaces like pubs, restaurants, hotels, canteens, etc. has an important presence in