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The spectacular demise of Boris Johnson and what comes next

Boris Johnson’s demise as prime minister was destined to be spectacular. At the start of the year, I wrote that it was likely that he had already done something that would court controversy and so it proved. Ultimately it was his style of denying everything in the first instance and then backtracking, if necessary, that

Boris Johnson: the King Midas who turns everything to shite

No sooner than Boris Johnson tried to look statesmanlike, it all fell apart. Some prime ministers get to retreat from national issues by bursting onto the world stage. He wanted to be world king as a child. It turns out he’s King Midas but instead of turning everything to gold, he turns everything he touches

The world has changed. British politics in a new context

The world has changed. That’s what the rulers of the world tell us. I’m afraid that means it has. The issues of British politics suddenly pale. They are less significant but they are also impacted by the events playing out in Ukraine. We are all immediately shocked, despite the warnings for years and we are