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Can Tory chaos be an opportunity?

When it comes to anarchist activities, we are often in search of physical space that we can occupy and use. In this search we are subject to outside influences such as the law, ownership of spaces and competition for it as a resource. We have to take our opportunities to use space in anarchistic ways

UK Elections 2022

Jon Bigger rounds up the local electoral drama and the jamboree’s implications for the various political factions. For the last few months the local elections, taking place this Thursday, have been discussed as being vitally important to the future of Boris Johnson. This is part of a theme in UK politics as partygate fails to

British Politics and Anarchism in 2022

I’ve been thinking recently about the various themes that I’ve written about since starting this regular column for Freedom in 2016. I try really hard not to repeat myself too much but history has a way of making that pretty tough. These are the themes I think will recur time and again in 2022. (In)competence

Solidarity of the rich

Jon Bigger considers the actions of those who preach individual strength, but practice a very particular, and extraordinarily successful, form of mutual support. As if we needed reminding, solidarity and mutual aid are hard work. Covid 19 laid it all bare once again. In building up organisations from the grassroots, time and time again, we

Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ agenda could end the era of neoliberalism in the UK but mark the start of something equally harmful

Back in 2010, when the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government began, austerity was the order of the day. The deficit had to be brought down, we were continually told. Public spending was slashed, public sector jobs were cut, wages frozen. We were all in it together, according to then Chancellor of the Exchequer, George