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Why is aid struggling to reach parts of Syria and Turkey after the most deadly earthquakes in almost a century?

On the 6th February, when two huge earthquakes struck South-West Turkey and North-West Syria, rescue workers failed to arrive in some badly hit areas for more than 24 hours. In Gaziantep, the epicentre of the first earthquake, no aid arrived for 12 hours after the disaster occurred, and Turkey’s military, (the second largest in NATO)

What we know about the Paris shooting and its significance to Kurds

On the 23rd December 2022 a man named William Mallet opened fire on the street outside the Kurdistan Democratic Centre of Paris, which also houses the Kurdish Democratic Council of France. The attack killed three Kurdish comrades; Emine Kara, Şirin Aydin and Abdurrahman Kizil, a fourth person was also seriously injured. The attack hit international