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The anti-NGO discourse in Greece and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

These days in Greece an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory has successfully infiltrated the public discourse. Officials of the right-wing New Democracy government, as well as by journalists of major media outlets, express suspicion regarding the role of NGOs in the movement of refugees. An increasing amount of voices demand for NGOs that act in the sphere

Hungary: neo-fascists attack Aurora Jewish community centre

Hungarian neo-fascists from “Legio Hungaria” group have attacked the Aurora Jewish Community Centre in Budapest. The attack happened on Wednesday evening, during a nationalist march to commemorate the 1956 uprising against Soviet occupation. According to reports, around 50- strong mob gathered outside the centre, attemped to torch the building, burned a rainbow flag at its

‘Liberal’ Zionism and Gaza: A Personal View

Growing up in a Jewish family, who suffered huge and indescribable losses during the war, just like many others, has meant that I wasn’t always able to see Israel for what it is: a racist and brutal occupying power. For weeks I’ve been obsessively reading the news, seeing the images of blood and destruction, homes