boris johnson

The left needs to stop celebrating the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith

Based on the reaction of usually coherent lefties on my social media feeds you’d have thought Margaret Thatcher had been resurrected from the grave, only to be slaughtered by the ghost of Tony Benn. On the 18th of March 2016 the Work and Pensions Secretary, and prominent Tory hate figure, Iain Duncan Smith had resigned from his position – ostensibly in protest being forced to cut working age and disability… Continue reading

It’s hard to care about litter whilst the government cuts the legs out from underneath deprived communities

The #cleanforthequeen campaign is disgusting. Whilst communities across the country suffer from long term deprivation,  austerity and gentrification, the campaign – backed by Country Life and Keep Britain Tidy –  expects people to do hours of unpaid labour to honour a woman who’s leeched off the rest of us for decades.

Royalist Gove looking smug at a photoshoot

These anti-litter drives are mostly exercises in ideology –… Continue reading