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A hard right turn that brings meltdown

In October 2021, Boris Johnson proclaimed that this “is the direction this country is going — towards a high wage, high skill, high productivity … low tax economy.” Ignoring the awkward fact that his government actually increased taxation to its highest level for 70 years, nothing was done to stop wages falling by a record

Fuel to the fire?

Will the energy crisis spark a wider revolt? The craft of being in power is a delicate one. To paraphrase P.T Barnum, you can piss off some of the people all of the time, you can piss off all of the people some of the time, but you can’t piss off all of the people

British Politics and Anarchism in 2022

I’ve been thinking recently about the various themes that I’ve written about since starting this regular column for Freedom in 2016. I try really hard not to repeat myself too much but history has a way of making that pretty tough. These are the themes I think will recur time and again in 2022. (In)competence

Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ agenda could end the era of neoliberalism in the UK but mark the start of something equally harmful

Back in 2010, when the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government began, austerity was the order of the day. The deficit had to be brought down, we were continually told. Public spending was slashed, public sector jobs were cut, wages frozen. We were all in it together, according to then Chancellor of the Exchequer, George