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Government plans major crackdown on the right to protest

The Conservative government is planning to introduce major changes to public order legislation to crack down on protests, under a new “Protection of the Police and Public Bill” planned for 2021. In September, Home Secretary Priti Patel denounced environmental campaigners Extinction Rebellion as “so-called eco-crusaders turned criminals” at the Police Superintendents’ Association conference and, at

Five horrors from the Tory manifesto

Jon Bigger has read the Conservative Party manifesto and it contains some very interesting passages on well-known policies and also some terrifying paragraphs on their aims and objectives. Below I’ve presented a mix of well-known and more obscure elements of their plans. If they win next week we can expect a Johnson government to do some

Anarchy in the UK: A Changed Political Landscape

This article is the first in a series by Jon Bigger looking at gains the voices of social conservatism have made in recent years and what that means for anarchist politics. In 2016 the political landscape has changed around us. A resurgence of conservatism resulting from changes within the Conservative Party leadership following the EU referendum has been followed