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Fuel for thought: 1913’s taxi strike

The tech industry loves to present itself as “disrupting” industries with innovations such as online ordering of deliveries, or driver services. In fact however they are often just reproducing age-old forms of exploitation. Take this January 1913 article, ‘The Taxi-cab Strike’: “If 1913 is to continue as it has commenced, there will be a few

No TAV: A war for the Susa Valley’s soul

This month the campaign against high-speed railway line TAV kicked into life once again as construction work began on a project which has been been fought against for decades across Italy, France and Switzerland. Italy’s government wants, whatever the cost, to impose the Turin-Lyon line line which critics say is useless, expensive, harmful to health and

Book Review: The Traffic Power Structure

by collective ISBN: 978-1-62963-153-0 PP: 96 Publisher: PM Press This is one of my favorite PM Press books. Compact, loaded, an accessible theoretical dynamite exploding US conceptions of identity and liberty based on automobiles. There are lovely indications of how constructions of liberty and freedom, driving fast on the road, are actually complete systems of domination