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Homeless shelter threatened with illegal eviction

[ID: interior of a large warmly lit room with chairs and a drum kit]

In a decaying empire, in which UN Human Rights Chiefs characterise the government’s most recent legislative power grabs as “deeply troubling” and in context of the police “especially worrying” it’s not surprising to see courts being cut out of the equation.

[ID: interior of a large warmly lit room with chairs and a drum kit]

“Fuck the bosses:” evictions exceeded by new occupations by Autonomous Shelter Network

The eviction of the winter shelter on Gray’s Inn Road on April 7th and 2 other longer-lasting squats in London have lead to approximately 5 more locations being opened and brought back into use by houseless and precarious persons to provide food, clothes and shelter within our community. The disused buildings were occupied and activated

All tories are oligarchs: Autonomous Winter Shelter celebrates new season of anarchy

The Autonomous Winter Shelter in North London is celebrating more than 3 months of self-organised direct action that has facilitated the continued safe housing of dozens of houseless people, the service of 100s of hot meals, and the distribution of clothing, medicine and hygiene products. It was seized in response to the failure of state and 3rd-sector lackeys that feed and sustain the misery of those who are reduced to the status of refugees in their own country.