Fracking Moratorium or Electioneering? December 12th and Brexit May Hold The Key

Fracking Moratorium or Electioneering? December 12th and Brexit May Hold The Key A month ago, shortly after calling a General Election, the Conservative Government abruptly decided to pass a moratorium on fracking, citing concerns about seismicity. To many, the decision looks like electioneering; a pledge to put fracking on pause while marginal seats in threatened

Climate is class war — what next for green activism?

An alliance of non-hierarchical groups formed over the last few months, the Green Anticapitalist Front is attempting to provide a link between the extensive anarchist experience of green direct action and the latest wave of climate change activism. Below, the group outlines its background and ideas for future activity. The ideas behind the Green Anticapitalist

Police accused of dangerous actions in anti-gas activist arrest

Officers tackled a protector at West Newton, near Hull, allegedly knocking him unconscious — and then dragged him away without offering medical attention, supporters said. Peanut, who had been blockading in an effort to hinder access to Raithlin Energy’s drill site on Piper’s Lane, was at the gates yesterday after a confrontation with police had

Lock-ons and crane occupations as hundreds confront gas power

More than 600 people attending Reclaim The Power’s summer festival of resistance just outside Harlow, along with many more around the country, have been taking action over the last few days to directly shut down polluting firms. The most notable action as of last night has been at Keadby 2 in Lincolnshire, which saw climate

Justified Resistance in the Face of Catastrophe

What acts of resistance are justified in the face of an overwhelming injustice? The resistance of the rebel or revolutionary is weighed against the costs imposed by the oppressor: destroyed lives, damaged livelihoods, and affronts to human dignity. The scale and scope of the oppression, in each instance, calls forth a reciprocal and necessary response.

Careful comrade, your class is showing. XR has some problems.

There has forever been this disconnect between the more radical and liberal anarchists which keep us somewhat isolated from each other, even when our political positions more or less mirror each other. Radicals tend to make direct action and opposition with the state and capitalism a core part of their life accepting that the politics

Australian youth rise-up for climate justice

Students have been walking out of schools across Australia, highlighting Government failure to act in the face of potentially catastrophic climate breakdown. Started by School Strike 4 Climate Action, and supported by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, young people are demanding climate justice and tougher, quick action on climate change. Organic conviction, born out of

Reclaim the Power calls for national emergency meeting

As the government gives a green light to the first frack in the UK in seven years, an anti-fracking network Reclaim the Power calls for the national emergency meeting to discuss the next steps of resistance to fracking in Lancashire, and how we can all continue to support the locals in protecting their community. Latest