What a Japanese Anarchist taught me about British politics

At the start of the 20th Century, Japan was in a state of technological, cultural and political acceleration. As a nation, it had been forced to open itself up to the outside world just 50 years beforehand, but it remained deeply conservative and authoritarian in many ways. Modern Britain is of course a vastly different

Syndicalist unions and Covid-era resistance: A CIT roundup

The anarcho-syndicalist international, founded in 2018, looks at workplace struggle in its branches worldwide and calls for the building of new forms of solidarity amid the lockdowns. With the corona crisis, the world has suddenly entered a new phase of intense class struggle. This is impressively documented by a map of (for the most part) wildcat strikes

Language teachers win redundancy fight after two-month campaign

After the Delfin English School in London sacked all of its staff just before Christmas, subsequently declaring itself bankrupt, Tefl teachers with the syndicalist IWW union organised a picketing and social media campaign which has now won its fight for proper redundancy terms. The TEFL Workers’ Union, which represents staff at the school, said the

Deliveroo shames itself again amid work strife

The food delivery firm, which has run into some serious grassroots union organising in recent years, is trying divide and rule tactics against striking couriers – while also pulling a fast one on pay, workers. say Both the IWW and IWGB unions, which have been strongly confronting Deliveroo over its treatment of delivery drivers and

IWW: Raids targeting couriers are indefensible

The syndicalist union has hit out at recent Home Office focus on vulnerable casualised workers already heavily pressured by a new ‘substitution’ ploy from firms like Deliveroo. The group’s statement is below: It has been reported in the press that the Home Office have been coordinating police raids on gig economy couriers suspected of working

Podcast Review: Talking Shop

In this first review-roundup, Fingers Malone picks out some of the best podcast listening for anarchists. Top suggestion today is an offering from the syndicalist union IWW — Talking Shop. The new IWW podcast Talking Shop covers workplace organising and the changing terrain of struggle at work. It can be found, alongside other bits and

Bristol IWW defends whistle blowers and free speech in Bristol City Council

In March 2018 a worker employed in Child Protection for Bristol City Council (BCC) was suspended from his post. He was charged with issues under the code of conduct, and most of the first set of allegations against him related to a closed Labour Party Facebook page. The group are made up of labour activists,

IWW Couriers Network launches first national campaign

The IWW Couriers Network has launched the “We’re playing your game but you won’t tell us the rules!” campaign to force gig economy food companies to radically improve their approach to transparency and the information that they share with their couriers. It comes after Deliveroo has attracted criticism from couriers for forcibly switching – or

IWW Cymru links with Spanish SAT union for international protest

Members of the Welsh Branch of the syndicalist Industrial Workers of the World will protest outside Admiral’s Cardiff HQ on Friday in solidarity with Spanish workers facing a raw deal from the insurance giant. Workers at Admiral Group in Spain, where the company operates the Balumba insurance brand and plans to locate its post-Brexit EU