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Statement of Solidarity with the Workers of Belarus

The following statement from the ICL-CIT anarcho-syndicalist international calls for wide-ranging solidarity with the popular uprising. In full of admiration of the relentless resistance at the workplaces in Belarus, we appeal to you for far-reaching support of the labor movements in that country. For almost three decades, Belarus may have seemed to be an enclave

Syndicalist unions and Covid-era resistance: A CIT roundup

The anarcho-syndicalist international, founded in 2018, looks at workplace struggle in its branches worldwide and calls for the building of new forms of solidarity amid the lockdowns. With the corona crisis, the world has suddenly entered a new phase of intense class struggle. This is impressively documented by a map of (for the most part) wildcat strikes

Founding of a New International

The first reports are coming in from the Foundational Congress for a New International — an effort to draw together some of the biggest syndicalist unions worldwide. Update, May 13th: The new name for the international is reportedly the Confederación Internacional del Trabajo (International Confederation of Labour). Besides the CNT (Spain), USI (Italy) and FAU (Germany),